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Imagenes de Jesus con Frases: Imagenes Cristianas de Amor , bonitas imagenes de Jesus...

Owner: Gian

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Tags: imagenes cristianas, imagenes cristianas de amor, frases cristianas de amor, imagenes cristianas con frases, citas biblicas con amor

2. End Time Delusions

Exposes Satan's End Time Strategy

Owner: sangrin

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Tags: Religion, Society, Church, Christian

3. Worship To Jesus

Worship song,Christian radio,hillsing

Owner: Jimz_Dumalay

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5. Progressive Social Commentary | Jesus is My Buddy

It is about living an American life, observing what is going around that life, and a...

Owner: bogsider

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Tags: politics, progressive, observation, fox, right wing

6. Jesus Macho Man

Macho Man Randy Savage -- one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time -- died today in a...

Owner: Acenk85

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Tags: Macho, Macho Man, Macho Man Randy, Florida, Macho Man Randy Savage

7. Faith By Hearing

Christian religion, praying and post prayer requests, we will pray for you anytime for...

Owner: searchfreeek

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Tags: Prayers, christian, bible, god

8. crossiny trackers

who is jesus to me

Owner: rockmoriz

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Tags: pick up lines

9. Holy Spirit

To win souls For Christ

Owner: vbalraj

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Tags: mary, holy spirit, god, haleluy

10. Sou Cristão

Anunciando a Volta do Senhor Jesus e Denunciando os Planos de Satanás Para a...

Owner: toppwap

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Tags: illuminati, apocalipse, nova ordem mundial, fim do mundo

11. Thank you Jesus Site News Bolg

A unique Christian News Blog for great useful information and resources online.

Owner: pro2000

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Tags: helpful, Christian, Information, News

12. Amenamen

CO. Blog NO Artificial Light or Love added

Owner: bmaddigan

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Tags: God, Christian, Clothing, Fashion

13. End Time Deception

Learn more about End Time Prophecies.

Owner: entheros

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Tags: deception, endtime, church, 666

14. perceived

Memoi les percievings..:-)

Owner: frozendreamz

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Tags: daily, perceivings

15. Follower of Jesus

The journey of getting to know who God is without being in the institutional church.

Owner: 1hulkman

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Tags: Church, Relationship, Christ, Knowing God

16. DeanRoberts.Net

The meditations and contemplations of a worshiping Welshman

Owner: deanrobertsnet

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Tags: christianity, theology, current affairs, religion

17. The Autopsy Report on Jesus Christ

Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows; yet we esteemed him stricken,

Owner: Randy_Jones

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Tags: Christ, death, grave, life

18. Good Friday 2014

Good Friday will be celebrated on 18th April 2014 and on this occasion we are sharing...

Owner: tmukherjee71

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Tags: Good Friday 2014, Easter, Crucifixion, Christianity

19. Divine Thunder

Like the Psalmists of old, my purpose in this blog is to bear witness to the many...

Owner: Mcals

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Tags: God, spiritual, Love, Soul

20. My life in jesus footsteps

GOD come down to me and talked in year 2000 and HE changed my life. I was on my way to...

Owner: Virginius

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21. He Said What, To Jesus?

Many people throughout time or at least since the ministry of Christ have claimed to...

Owner: readrand

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Tags: God, Christianity, love, people

22. Contos Biblicos

Palavra de Deus. Ensinamentos de Jesus Cristo. Músicas e videos gospel.

Owner: jogui10

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Tags: Deus, Cristianismo, Music, Gospel

23. Blog Evangelizando

Orar e Sacrifica-se pela Evangelização nos lugares mais distantes que ainda...

Owner: iuryalbino

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Tags: Cristianismo, Formações, Deus, Evangelho

24. Corpus Christi 2016 FB Cover Timeline Images Pics

Corpus Christi 2016 FB Cover Timeline Images Pics

Owner: johndanialsmith

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Tags: Corpuschristi, Corpuschristi2016, Quotes, Poems

25. Christian Music and Lyrics Online

Sing and Listen to a Collection of Christian Music Online and Praise the...

Owner: mgpelobello

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Tags: christian music, lyrics, God, Praise

26. C. Michael Gambrell

C. Michael Gambrell is a blog specializing in the reformed theology. Come by for a...

Owner: Chris_Gambrell

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Tags: Christian, Reformed, Poetry, Salvation

27. Apostolic Christian Blog

This Site will share the best Bible related News and Information online.

Owner: pro2000

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Tags: christian, information, inspirations, biblical

28. C. Michael Gambrell

It is my intention to write about and share all things related to the Christian...

Owner: Chris_Gambrell

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Tags: Christian, faith, Poetry, Salvation

29. Endtime Prophecy Net Blog

Centers on Christian-oriented discussions regarding recent news which may be related to...

Owner: WordWeaver

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Tags: christian, bible, prophecy, endtime

30. the Songs on the Way

This is a blog to love you with, to share my journey and organize experiences. This is...

Owner: SingingPilgrim

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Tags: Christian, Bible, Friendship, India