Humor Blogs

1. The Lazy Girls Guide to Life

The Lazy Girl blog is a coffee and confessional style blog, combining humor with...

Owner: Claire_LazyGirl_Curran

Listed in: Lifestyle

Tags: Life, Opinion, Modern Culture, Parenting

2. Funny animal picture - beautiful animals

See Cute Kittens, Puppies and other Pets on World's Cutest Animals Photo Gallery.

Owner: soiqtatto

Listed in: Humor

Tags: Funny, Animal, funny pictures, funny photo, image

3. Catalpa Grove

Comments on political and social events going on in the United States

Owner: edwardhoughton1

Listed in: Politics

Tags: politics, philosophy, economics, spirituality

4. Super Wander Girl

a blog about life and anything in between.

Owner: superwandergirl

Listed in: Humor

Tags: personal, life and love, beauty, travel, entertainment

5. Blog punakawan Suroboyo


Owner: soelistijono

Listed in: Humor

Tags: cerita wayang, ngudo roso, cerita budaya, tokoh

6. All Pinoy Jokes

Extensive Collection of Pinoy Jokes

Owner: purplerosee

Listed in: Humor

Tags: Pinoy, Jokes, Tagalog, Erap, Bicol

7. Fin Fan Fun

Smiles save your world.

Owner: Tramp963

Listed in: Humor

Tags: Fin Fan Fun, Photos, Videos, Funny, fun

8. Question Everything?

Known for his Gangnam Style Conspiracy post, this controversial and...

Owner: choi

Listed in: Humor

Tags: conspiracy, funny

9. A Little of that in those commas,,,,

It talks of innocuous reminiscences of childhood with levity of our day to day lives;...

Owner: shiivva07

Listed in: Personal

Tags: spiritual, politics, poems, philosophy

10. Only Funny Stuffs

Collection of Jokes

Owner: purplerosee

Listed in: Humor

Tags: Jokes, Laugh, Funny, Giggles

11. Purplerosee


Owner: purplerosee

Listed in: Humor

Tags: celebrity, photos, jokes, tips

12. The Ranting Randomly Blog

Political humor, satire, comic book jokes, and random observational humor

Owner: ydnar

Listed in: Humor

Tags: political humor, observational humor, satire, Deadpool, Adult Swim

13. Latin Fail - Divertidas y graciosas fotos de la vida real es un resumen de fotos graciosas y divertidas de diversos...

Owner: rtrucios

Listed in: Humor

Tags: Humor latinoamericano, fotos fail, fotos graciosas, fotos chistosas, rarezas

14. The Panda Bear Blog

This blog consists of random thoughts on modern life in both fiction and nonfiction....

Owner: pandabear41

Listed in: Philosophy

Tags: Current Events, Commentary, Women

15. Raspy Wit

An illustrated blog highlighting the daily happenings, personal musing and social...

Owner: RaspyWit

Listed in: Humor

Tags: HIlarious, Illustrated, Cartoon, Comic, Awkward

16. Budak Kampung Online

Talking About Politics and Lifestyle in malaysia

Owner: Bko_Rider

Listed in: Politics

Tags: Budak Kampung Online, Politik Politics, Lifestyle Gayahidup, Malaysia

17. ScrapBlog

A personal blog catering to a wide variety of readers.

Owner: Khamneithang

Listed in: Personal

Tags: books, inspiration, family, trivia

18. Sent to the corner

A single Gen-X Dad rants about his comical observations of parenting, advertising,...

Owner: arthvader

Listed in: Humor

Tags: Advertising, Parenting, Single-Dad, Movies, rant

19. curcing idiot

coretan pelajar bodoh

Owner: irfan

Listed in: Humor

20. Oy Gavalt!

Follow the hilarious and sometimes insightful adventures of a massively out of shape...

Owner: bredbaker

Listed in: Humor

Tags: yiddish, vitamins, daddy, nutrition 53, fat

21. The Yahtzee Manifesto

A radical Yahtzee blog dedicated to all things Yahtzee.

Owner: Louise_Proctor

Listed in: Humor

Tags: yahtzee, games, funny, advice, strategy

22. Xupim Gole

Nosso blog foi criado com a intenção do melhor do humor, com o intuito de interagir...

Owner: Ruan_Diego

Listed in: Humor

Tags: Xupim Gole, Xupim, Gole, Xupim Gole Humor

23. Xilikenta

Xilikenta é um Blog de Humor e diversão. Não tem a intenção de desmoralizar,...

Owner: alesclearuc

Listed in: Humor

Tags: xilikenta, blog de humor, site de humor, ibagens

24. It down below so you guys can

I have and really had me the hugest difference Americans I hardly use that hand it...

Owner: kilemile

Listed in: Humor

Tags: Wrinkle Removal, Skin Care, Beauty Fairness, Face Fresh, Skin Fare

25. Wishflex

Wish, Greeting, Saying, Poem, Idea, Gift

Owner: DarkPlaceOfSun

Listed in: Humor

Tags: Wish, Greeting, Saying, Poem, Idea

26. Odd and Strange Journal

The Odd and Strange Journal features the odd, bizarre and strange stories and stuff...

Owner: anasshad

Listed in: Humor

Tags: weird, odd, strange, entertainment

27. Wedgie Nation

Wedgie Nation is home of the wedgie. Check out wedgie stories, pictures, apps and more

Owner: jsterlo

Listed in: Humor

Tags: wedgie, wedgies, girl wedgie, wedgie stories, wedgie dares

28. GPD Webcomic

Just a webcomic. That is all.

Owner: Felix

Listed in: Humor

Tags: webcomic, web comics, web comic, webcomics, funny webcomic

29. montresluxefr

Van Cleef & Arpels Complications Poétiques montres

Owner: zelin0802

Listed in: Humor

Tags: watches for sale

30. Warkop DKI Dono Kasino Indro Fans

Segala sesuatu tentang Warkop DKI Dono Kasino Indro Fans.

Owner: warkopdki

Listed in: Humor

Tags: warkop dki, dono kasino indro