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Inspiration, Awareness, Empowerment ♥ GLOBAL FAMILY ♥ UNIVERSAL COHERENCE ♥ WORLD...

Owner: WorldServersCollective

Listed in: Philosophy

Tags: Collective, Consciousness, Inspiration, Awareness

2. Power of the Tongue

Promoting Empowerment, Indie Music, Community, Awareness, and Motivation.

Owner: whenwespeaktv

Listed in: Entertainment

Tags: tv, movies, social, events

3. The Enough Message

Self-help And activist blog about shifting how we think about being and having enough!

Owner: LaurieMcCammon

Listed in: Philosophy

Tags: Self-help, Abundance, Transformation, Happiness

4. Women Empowerment in Islam

Islam gives a woman the right from inheritance whereas, before Islam, a woman all...

Owner: MuminahTannous

Listed in: Travel

Tags: Islam, Women, Women In Islam, Hajj Package, Umrah

5. How Empowerment Of Small Scale Farmers Holds The Key To Ending World Hunger?

Worldwide, small-scale farmers play an important role in the overall production of grain.

Owner: whyhunger

Listed in: Business

Tags: ending world hunger

6. Confidence Alerts

A blog that gives alerts to how someone can become more mentally powerful in his or her...

Owner: Dimi

Listed in: Health

Tags: confidence, alerts, psychology, techniques

7. Empowerments of Magical Items

Amulets, talismans and various other items presented in this site. Are Welcome to a...

Owner: rgdirect

Listed in: Marketing

Tags: amulets, magickal, taliman, shaman, paranoma

8. Self Empowerment for Women

We all talk about it… hear about it…read about it…we even witness it…but how...

Owner: DorothyL

Listed in: Health

Tags: abuse, child, pain, rape, cruelty