Creative Writing Blogs

1. The Creative Artist

Blatant comments for the beginner artist

Owner: Perini

Listed in: Arts

Tags: seascapes, creativity, art blog, creative painting

2. Tamasha-e-zindagi

A complete compilation of i, me, myself and my thoughts in the form of poetry, prose,...

Owner: johnysamajhdar

Listed in: Personal

Tags: Poetry, Stories, Articles, Daily Life

3. Writers Babble

Writers Babble is the product of the many kinks and quirks inside a struggling...

Owner: Lean_Airo_Silud_Loking

Listed in: Personal

Tags: Personal, All About Writing, Writing Prompts

4. MCSimonWrites

Blog dedicated to Body, Mind and Soul… and all that can be included.

Owner: MCSimonWrites

Listed in: Lifestyle

Tags: mind and soul, body mind and soul, article writing, online journal articles

5. Ageless Fitness

Sometimes offensive comments about the simple and obvious path to health and fitness.

Owner: Perini

Listed in: Health

Tags: fitness, health, creative blog, overweight blog

6. The Wrong Kind of Write

A creative writing blog devoted mostly to humour and wasting people's time...

Owner: thewrongkindofwrite

Listed in: Humor

Tags: satire, comedy, short story, parody

7. Creative Writing 101

Creative writing is any form of writing which is written with the creativity of mind:...

Owner: larsmitten

Listed in: Marketing

Tags: BookVenture, Book Venture,, book publishers, book publishing companies