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1. Let’s learn about the colorants used in the textile industry

Earlier, textile dyes were made out of natural sources, like herb madder extracted from plants. Modern dyes are now used for coloring both synthetic and natural fibers.

Tags: Vat dye

2. How epoxy resins serve modern industry needs?

These products serve various industries in various ways. For example, they are use in industrial tooling applications to manufacture castings, molds, fixtures, and laminates.

Tags: Epoxy Resins

3. Phenalkamines- A substance that changed the way epoxy is cured

Epoxy resins have gained a huge popularity in many industries such as; electronics, jewelry, construction, home repair, arts and crafts, wood and metal working industries.

Tags: Phenalkamines, Color Compounds, Vat Dye

4. Different types of epoxy resins used in residential and commercial sector

Epoxy resins, used in combination with fillers and fabrics, are one of the multipurpose materials for repair and construction jobs. It is a durable adhesive used for a variety of reasons in and outside homes.

Tags: Epoxy resins

5. Take a look at the extensive usage of solvent dyes

Dyes that are soluble in organic solvents are known as solvent dyes. They are mostly used as solutions in organic solvents. These dyes are used for coloring solvents, waxes, hydrocarbon fuels, lubricants, plastic items, and...

Tags: Textile Dye, Vat Dyes Manufacturers, Textile Dyes, Dyes for Textile

6. Usage and detail info about epoxy resins

There is a variety of color compounds used by plastic manufacturing industries for making colored plastic objects.

Tags: Color concentrate, Color compounds

7. Discussed the functioning of a curing agent's

A curing agent in context of tile flooring is nothing but a chemical used for finishing a newly created concrete floor. This agent is sprayed while a concrete structure is in the process of construction.

Tags: Curing Agent

8. The value of color concentrates in plastic manufacturing industries

Colors are an integral part of our lives. This is why the Plastic manufacturing companies make use of colors, in order to make their products different and attractive.

Tags: color concentrates

9. Why is epoxy Resin flooring the most favored kind?

Epoxies are extensively used for floor coating in those Industries that manufacture electronics, foods, cosmetics and chemical products, where clean and dust-free environment is required.

Tags: epoxy resin

10. Sodium hydrosulfite also used in versatile area's

Sodium hydrosulfite is a versatile chemical, which can be used for the application of textiles, wood, pulp and paper, precious metal recovery, water treatment and leather.

Tags: Sodium Hydrosulfite

11. The uses of a plastic colorant are endless!

A plastic colorant is used for a range of reasons. Taking into minds needs of different industries, Royce Intl provides colorants which are made from quality material.

Tags: Plastic colorant

12. Using different type of dyes for coloring textiles

Vat is the first type of textile dye. The textile is completely immersed into a vat or tub that contains a liquid solution of the dye. This technique is quite old, and was originally used through indigo dye, which is derived...

Tags: Vat and Textile dyes

13. Benzyl alcohol- A colorless solvent

Many plants produce this substance naturally otherwise prepared by hydrolysis of benzyl chloride and sodium hydroxide.

Tags: Plastic Colorants

14. Some common utilities of zinc borate

Zinc salt is utilized as a smoke suppressant and flame retardant for uses like foamed insulating products, conveying belts, flooring materials.

Tags: Zinc Borate

15. Best coloring compounds at Royce International

Royce International has expanded from a small site in New Jersey, to an internationally famed name in terms of products like zinc borate and coloring agents.

Tags: coloring agents

16. Preserve your home by using zinc borate for wood!

There are a few aspects to be considered, when protecting your home from weather related issues. Stains, sealers and caulking are some possible solutions for such problems.

Tags: Zinc Borate

17. What are the various applications of Zinc borate?

Zinc Borate is one such chemical that can be utilized in more than one way. It is used in many sectors of the industries, in many ways and at many levels.

Tags: zinc borate

18. Classification of vat colorants and principles of vat dye applications

Vat dye is an ancient class of natural coloring agents which is used to dye cotton, wool, and synthetics as well as other fabrics.

Tags: Vat dye

19. How to handle and store Zinc Borate

Zinc Borate is a chemical with several applications in multiple industries. It’s most common application is as a flame retardant.

Tags: Zinc Borate

20. What are the various applications of Zinc borate?

Zinc Borate is one such chemical that can be utilized in more than one way. It is used in many sectors of the industries, in many ways and at many levels.

Tags: zinc borate

21. Major Applications of solvent dyes

These dyes are non-polar in nature and basically used for coloring materials like; nylon, polystyrene, acetates, and so on. There is more than one category of such dyes.

Tags: chemical dyes

22. Induce eye-catching colors with quality plastic dyes

Plastic is used in number of industries on huge scales. To make products appealing they need to be colored. It would be wrong to say that where there are plastic items, there will be plastic colorants.

Tags: Plastic dyes

23. What makes basic dyes popular for coloring? Lets’ explore!

These coloring agents are used to color silk, acrylic, wool, and mod-acrylic fibers because they produce bright shades with high tincture value.

Tags: Basic Dyes

24. What is Iso-stearoyl Titanate

If the agent is derived by titanium, it may react with free protons at the surface which is why they are subjected to enhanced dispensability and chemical interaction with the organic or polymer surface.

Tags: Plastic Colorant

25. Things You Must Know About a Curing Agent

There are certain additives in the market that are used for hardening a particular type of substance. They are important because without them, it would not be possible to bring solidity to an adhesive product.

Tags: Curing agent

26. Royce Intl stands on the top in color concentrate market

Royce Intl establishes strong reputation in the market by creating and providing color concentrates to different industries.

Tags: Epoxy Chemicals, Epoxy Resins

27. The most important uses of solvent dyes

A solvent dye gets dissolved in organic solvents, helps in creating a solution. It is because of non polar nature of dye that makes easy for it to get mixed with solvent.

Tags: Solvent Dye

28. The leading manufacturer of solvent dyes – Royce International

Royce International is a world renowned company known for manufacturing best in line solvent dye products. The company has technical centers, offices, and warehouses across China, Europe, US and Asia.

Tags: Solvent Dye

29. Parker jolly

Explore and get detailed information related to liquid and solid epoxy resin, epoxy diluents, multi-functional and special epoxy resin that we at Royceintl specialize in manufacturing.

Tags: Epoxy resin, Epoxy diluents

30. Royce International- manufacturer & supplier of chemicals in US

Royce International provide various type of chemicals like epoxy resins, reactive diluents and curing agents etc.

Tags: Epoxy resin, Color compounds, Texti

31. Royce-The leading name in the chemical industry!

Royce is the world leader in developing and manufacturing epoxy resin and diluents. The company portfolio includes all types of companies ranging from large corporations to small specialty manufacturers.

Tags: Epoxy Resin and Diluents

32. Usage of Plastic colorant

Royce Intl provides colorants which are made from quality material. This firm has become one of the best providers of concentrates, colorants, epoxy resins and many more.

Tags: Plastic colorant

33. What are the uses of epoxy resins in different industries?

Epoxy resins are an essential part of many industries. It is an ideal product for several fields due to its multiple benefits like resistance to degradation, chemicals, water, impact, heat, or low viscosity etc.

Tags: Epoxy Resin Manufacturers

34. Choice of right colorant product

Colors have a significant psychological impact. For example; beauty supplies with vibrant colors have more chances of attracting customers, and thus stand better chance of sales, instead of products with dull colors.

Tags: Color concentrate

35. Colorings additives: What they are and why are they used?

Plastic colorants are used in many ceramic products in the plastic industry. Apart from that it also gives shades to many other materials, as well in a broad industry spectrum.

Tags: Plastic Colorants

36. Royce- Suppliers & Manufacturers of Epoxy Resin

Royce International is the heading epoxy saps, shade mixes and material colors producer & supplier in Florida, US.

Tags: Epoxy resins, Color Compounds, Textile Dyes

37. The various sorts of dyes utilized as a part of plastic businesses

Natural dyes are acquired from natural sources like plants, leaves, flowers, and wood. It was Neolithic period, when dyes first came into existence.

Tags: Plastic dys

38. Benzyl alcohol- A colorless solvent with wide applications

Most of the people have never heard about benzyl alcohol. It is a colorless solvent with a mild aromatic odor. Several industries use this solvent due to its properties like low toxicity

Tags: Plastic Colorants

39. Royceintl

Earlier, textile dyes were made out of natural sources, like herb madder extracted from plants. Modern dyes are now used for coloring both synthetic and natural fibers.

Tags: Textile dye

40. What effects do plastic colorants have on fabrics?

It is the work that goes on in the color development that make this happen. Primary colors can be used to make a whole new color palette, which in turn, provides different shades to any fabric.

Tags: Plastic Colorants

41. Does epoxy resin play a major role for various industrial purposes?

The process of epoxy resin manufacturing is done from the end product of epoxy. The name is obtained from the from the chemical functional group epoxide in its structure.

Tags: epoxy resin manufacturing

42. General properties and classification of Vat colorants

The class of vat dyes has most light fastness than other colorants. However, all dyes in Vat class have different light fastness properties.

Tags: Vat Dyes

43. Solvent dyes plays an integral role for manufacturing

While many of us are brand conscious and very particular about the products we use, most of us never bother to understand the ingenuity behind these products.

Tags: Solvent dyes

44. Scatter colors and their requisitions

The polyester fibers, such as synthetic textiles, are hydrophobic. That means they cannot be colored with water-soluble chemicals because synthetic or semi-synthetic polymers do not absorb them properly.

Tags: Plastic dyes

45. Multi-User chemical Epoxy Resins

Also known as polyepoxide, epoxy resins are produced through a special curing process in which liquid polyethers are transformed into infusible solids.

Tags: Specialty Chemical Epoxy Resins

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