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1. A Penny for Thoughts!!!

My personal space. I share about my travel, photography, poems, and some inspirational stories.

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  • Third eye
    on Aug 17, 2013 in Photography nature nikon General
    The wait kills, but what we get after the long wait thrills. Many a times we wait for something to get for which we had been craving since long time.The wait may be either for  love or any other materialistic object. And once we get it, It is th...
  • Awesome Blog Content (ABC) award
    on Aug 15, 2013 in General
    For me awards are just like chocolates . Whatever be the mood the chocolate is pleasing to the mouth disconnecting us from all our feeling but bliss. Well the ABC award was a surprise it was pleasing. It felt better and I am basking on it. I should t...
  • Mesmerized by Turin
    on Aug 14, 2013 in Photography Italy Turin Travel
    The 2nd biggest city of Italy, Turin, is also famous among Indians as Sonia Gandhi's native place. I felt it to be bigger than Milan and more artistic. Every building in Turin has some architectural importance and hence are  beautiful. The wide...
  • A day with Lamborghini
    on Jul 26, 2013 in Photography Italy General Travel
    So, finally and finally I visited the Lamborghini museum in Italy. All the models were so much appealing to the eye. Of course they are one of the best sports cars. Of all the cars the vintage models surely looked very very beautiful and made me more...
  • Death of JoyLife teaches us many things. In the process we learn about the things which makes us happy and sad. Our experiences in life makes us think about actual ‘joy’. Many people understand the real happiness when they get old and few understand it very...
  • Black hole of eternity“We can't define anything precisely. If we attempt to, we get into the paralysis of thought that comes to philosophers... one saying to the other: you don't know what you are talking about! The second one says: what do you mean by talking? What do...
  • Dangerous ''belief''Dad: Son, I met the astrologer today. He has foreseen bad times ahead in your life and has given you this    ring and the locket. You have to wear this from Monday after cleansing with milk and reciting some mantras. And remember never and...
  • Expressive silenceThis post is published at Indiaopines.com and can also be read here.Summer was approaching and it was time for holidays. It is the best break of the year for any student. Like every one, I was too excited to go home, meet my friends, family, hav...
  • The moon and UFO???
    on Jul 7, 2013 in Photography General Travel
  • My vent
    on Jul 4, 2013 in General
    In one of the famous telugu movie ''chiru navvuto'' there is a dialogue which won my heart. The English translation of the dialogue is ''engineers and doctors have retirement but there is no retirement for the one who eats and cooks'' Trust me, the o...
  • Withered Rose
    on Jun 17, 2013 in Poems General
    So vivacious and gay were you,dancing with the breeze,glowing with the sun,twinkling with the stars,your fragrance titillating the senses,very happy and tranquil were you.my mind laid interest on you,my heart wanted you,me who twitched you,assuring e...
  • Happy birthday to me
    on Jun 11, 2013 in General
    June 10th is my favorite day of every year because its my birthday and  I surely deserve to wish myself. So happy birthday to me. Life so far has been good. Of all the years I lived experienced, I had a terrific time with good and bad learning e...
  • Pleasure of inexpensive thingsLucretius uplifted Epicurus's intelligent defence of simplicity by helping us in a superlative Latin verse, to feel the pleasure of inexpensive things.( the English translation of the verse)We find that the requirements of our bodily nature are...
  • First Liebster
    on Jun 6, 2013 in General
    Thank you  Namrota for  awarding  me my first Liebster award. About Liebster in brief:The Liebster Award is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. So, what is a Liebster?  The meaning: Liebster is G...
  • A Trip to ''White beach''
    on May 28, 2013 in Photography Italy Travel
    Can pollution be a boon to mankind? I dont think so. But Rosignano, about one hour from Pisa has been attracting tourists in large numbers. It is famous for its white beach. The sand is formed by 90% of limestone and 10% of calcium chloride from the...
  • Never and ever give up
    on May 19, 2013 in Stories Movies General Inspirational
    Movies are the best source of entertainment according to me. The whole movie experience turns out exciting with good sound, video and commenting friends. I have watched all the top 250 movies of imdb and many other movies. Some of them are French, Ge...
  • Zindagi ke safar mein
    on May 15, 2013 in Movies Poems General Inspirational
    My favorite song from the movie '' Aap Ki Kasam'', 1974  sung by the legendary Kishore kumar and the most important part of this song is the lyrics. The reality of life immaculately penned down by Anand Bakshi.   The acting of Rajesh K...
  • A day in Cinque Terre
    on May 12, 2013 in Photography Italy Travel
    I would consider myself very lucky for  visting Cinque Terre, suitated on the costal riviera of Italy.It was a part of my Tuscany trip. Cinque is five and Terre is terrains or land in Italian and hence this place comprises of five small hills Ri...
  • Piazza dei Miracoli
    on May 4, 2013 in Photography Italy Travel
    Picture at Piazza Dei Miracoli.Baptistry and cathedral from the top of leaning tower.Baptistry and cathedral from leaning towerCathedral and the leaning TowerCathedral and the leaning tower of PisaDream come true!!!
  • The Leaning Tower
    on Apr 21, 2013 in Photography Italy Poems Travel
    My first Cinquain!Column,comely leaning,utterly enthralling all,childhood dream turned real viewing the,Tower.Leaning tower of Pisa on 21.04.2013 by- RAN IN JAN...
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