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I m a man of thoughts...cant show u wat my mind is busy building...thr always my mind that leads the conversation i m into.... I call it as my subconscious mind and is always dominant over my active mind...I often carry myself away from my physical being n wat i feel doing this is a complete 'euphoria'....I love my power to keep my body independent of my mind....I trust thr is a better way of living by living thru u r soul wat many call it as spirituality...To me spirituality is u r own conscience that reminds u wen ever u r unjustified to others n also that impels you to do rit wen u r at wrong...this is wat is humanity...Most of the times i just try not b bad instead of being good...Doing good is too great but trying not to do bad is simple n more pragmatic..... very philosophical at times but its so logical that u forget wen u started practicing it
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A blog to share my views, travel,life stories n humor .

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2. Neoimaginations

An amalgamation of reality,fiction, excitement, pain, love, compassion and of course humour. Dedicated to my readers who read me and encourage me to take this journey to the next level of existence. Touch me @ neo_68@rediffmail...

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