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Danielle Thorne freelanced for online and print magazines from 1998 through 2001, adding reviewing and editing to her resume. She has published poetry, short fiction and novels. Danielle is the author of sweet romantic adventure books, both historical and contemporary.

Other work has appeared with Espresso Fiction, Every Day Fiction, Arts and Prose Magazine, Mississippi Crow, The Nantahala Review, StorySouth, Bookideas, The Mid-West Review, and more. She won an Honorable Mention in Writer’s Digest’s 2006 annual writing competition and won the 2008 Awe-Struck Short Novel Contest. In 2009, Danielle won Classic Romance Revival's Work in Progress Contest, which resulted in another contract for her fiction.

Danielle currently writes from south of Atlanta, Georgia. She was the 2009-2010 Co-Chair for the New Voices Competition for young writers, is active with online author groups such as Classic Romance Revival and EPIC, and she blogs as The Balanced Writer. Besides contract editing and writing full time, Danielle has four sons with her husband, Rob. Together they enjoy travel and the outdoors.
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    on Feb 12, 2016
    Cute idea!February means two things to me: Valentine's Day and peak winter temperatures. This month I'm bringing you my top 5 list of best romance reads for Valentine's Day and my Mexican Stew recipe. The books are some of my favorite from over the p...
  • Make it Happen
    on Jan 11, 2016
    Never once did I ever hear my parents say, "That's impossible." I have five other siblings: One is a nurse, one markets and sells products in a billion dollar medical industry, one served two years in the Middle East, one manages a landscaping compan...
  • Ready or Not -- Here We Go!
    on Jan 4, 2016
    And so it begins. Happy 2016. There's nothing like a new year to feel optimistic and set some goals. Now is the time to plan what you can do to be a better you in the months to come... http://www.bestfunnyjokes4u.com/Resolutions? Finish school.
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    on Nov 13, 2015
     Welcome new followers! Yes, the little waving girl is creeping me out, too, but it's all I could find. Thank you to all who joined up with the blog and threw in a comment to enter this fall's annual giveaway. Winners are chosen by Random.org. R...
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    on Oct 14, 2015
    Click the banner for more blogs offering Spooktacular prizes!Happy October! It's my favorite season of the year, so I must carry on the annual tradition of joining the awesome web-wide Spooktacular giveaway for Balanced Writer followers and visitors.
  • Sweet Sriracha Chicken
    on Sep 21, 2015
    Recipe of the MonthThis month we have created a super delicious spin on Chinese with an ordinary honey chicken recipe. Using a generous portion of sriracha sauce in combination with soy sauce and local honey, this recipe is lip smacking good.While it...
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    on Sep 8, 2015
    Attribution: https://www.grammarly.com/plagiarism-checker...
  • Dollar Store Duh: You Really Can Save
    on Sep 1, 2015
    Although there has been a lull in the coupon craze, there are still lots of ways to save money. With school and holidays next on the radar, it's a good idea to re-evaluate where you shop and how you can save a few extra bucks. It's hip to be cheap. F...
  • 5 Reasons to Love Captain Poldark
    on Aug 25, 2015
    This summer's PBS series, Poldark, is based on the novels (Poldark) by Winston Graham about a British army captain who returns home from the American Revolution. He finds the copper mining gentry of Cornwall in debt and the poor starving literally to...
  • Don't Raise the Bar
    on Aug 13, 2015
    (Higher Than You Can Reach)My youngest child is gifted. He's an excellent student. A smart little fart. You would think that comes with a lot of expectations, but along the way raising four boys I've learned the expectations we set for our children a...
  • The Throes of Summer: Berry Chicken Salad
    on Aug 3, 2015
    Summertime FunWhoop! July meant a well earned break for this college mid-lifer!My online classes run 3 semesters per year which means I don't really have time off between January and July. There's 6 weeks until my next classes begin again so I've enj...
  • Favs: Outsmart Traffic for Good!
    on May 29, 2015
    I admit I'm a little slow to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to apps, because there are just so many. This past May has been a whirlwind of out of town weekend trips, and it hasn't been exactly relaxing. I've had to balance them with college cour...
  • Christian Author Gail Pallotta: Balancing Life
    on Apr 30, 2015
    Gail PallottaMy eyes bugged out when I saw the subject for this blog. Tell how I balance life? Not so easily came to mind. I seem to constantly change plans. There are courses offered on time management. I’ve never attended one or read a book about...
  • How to Write a Review (And Why You Should)
    on Apr 24, 2015
    One thing that surprised me recently while working with readers was the idea that writing a book review is scary or difficult. Some people take it for granted if they have a touch of artistic flair, others are happy just to put down their thoughts. F...
  • Parenting and ADHD
    on Apr 17, 2015
    No matter how hard we try, there are things some of us just can't outgrow--like disorders and disabilities. I always thought when his elementary and high school education was over, ADHD wouldn't be a problem. I was wrong.Nobody knew what Attention De...
  • So Are Ya Feeling Lucky?
    on Mar 17, 2015
    Feeling Lucky?This month I'm featuring a fun free giveaway sponsored by authors and the I Am A Reader, Not a Writer blog. Take a few minutes and fill out your entries for an easy way to win $250 bucks. Afterwards, check out the sponsoring authors bel...

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