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Poet at arms, I love to read and write short prose that's quick to but packs a punch!

Clean, effective presentation, certified.

"The courtyard is alive with the spit of angry bullets
And baked hard by the scorching sun.

Clouds of smoke drift in,
In patches,

And are,
Collected by moans,

That become tiny whirlwinds,
That suck at the dog tags on dead men’s chests."

Prepare to fly.

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1. Short Poetry

Fresh, modern, evocative short poetry. Exciting presentation, quick site. Certified. Prepare to fly!

Tags: modern, poetry, evocative, new, short

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  • Refugees
    on Dec 23, 2015 in Poetry
    If we are to be God’s we must, Musk, Be life forms using noses and spectrograms, Be blue animals, Hurtling through space, dentists Doxologists, Cobblers mending hard drives, Therapists, Slippers, Saving the world, Changing the climate, Becoming...
  • Pansies, Holly and Twinkly lights
    on Dec 18, 2015 in Poetry family love poetry time
    The brown bee, Big as a bear, That visits my Polyandra, Flies meticulous patterns around morning blooms Dispersing pollen, As easily as the hummingbird next to it, Serenades hibiscus. We spend time collecting memories and ornaments like, Christmas bu...
  • AfterWe spend our days, Getting ready for tomorrow, Hoping the past will not catch us, The bad eating, the saccharin juices, when Now is the only moment, to Love, to Speak, Re-pack your life, forgive – Go, On an adventure or, Simply state your piece...
  • Choose
    on Dec 9, 2015 in Poetry environment poetry
    Bombing everything, You prevaricate, Humans in an upside-down chandelier, Prevaricating, Pompous, Unable, Hot air rising will cool. Cold air, Kelvin Is frozen solid so, Focus. Save a butterfly. Choose. ♦Photo♦ – ThingLink short, evocative,...
  • Office Lover
    on Nov 23, 2015 in Poetry
      Dreaming of; Colorful balloons on an African plain, Hot air rising, with Rich people making eye contact, Heaving brandy glasses at the bar by the salt-lick lake, Making new friends with, Levitating boobs or Buoyant balls, Out on the reef, whilst;...
  • Education  Do chickens hold their food in their feet while they are eating? Some birds actually do, The Ornithologists have discovered, Actually hold their food in their feet whilst they are dining, Fine dining, Eat with their hands, Astonishingly, As do...
  • Office loverDreaming of; Colorful balloons on an African plain, Hot air rising, with Rich people making eye contact, Heaving brandy glasses at the bar by the salt-lick lake, Making new friends with, Levitating boobs or Bouyant balls, Out on the reef, whilst; Put...
  • We don’t dance anymoreWe don’t dance anymore, And it happened so quickly. We sold our souls on the galactic market, For peanuts. The Earth recovered though, its Nature. We sold everything to be together, We did, and Life happened. This far down the line, we’re...
  • Touch-screen
    on Sep 12, 2015 in Poetry Belief environment poetry religion
    He kills, While we are touching everything else, Touch-screens everywhere, Apparently God kills, In Catholic Garb, Violet, In Coptic yellow, in Jewish robes, God kills surreptitiously, At sunset, On bridges, through Garrulous Muslims, It is a mistake...
  • Hanging out with my father, and my brother and sister  So I thought about my brother and sister a lot this weekend. It’s not like me at all. You don’t count on people just, sort of vanishing. I’ve been talking about death since I was born, so with my Dad it was kinda different. I...
  • Nipponia NipponGrown men cry saving birds in nests perched high, Teeter on long bamboo poles, Fighting snakes, and extinction, Cry in despair when a chick dies, Cry in joy, When two, Shake tremulous crowns, childhood plumes, So tenuous, Parents squacking overhead i...
  • Cli·chéWe garden together, He and I, Uprooting rocks, chiseling Fuchsia, We, Argue a lot, and; Framing roses in gold, morning light or, Flaming red sunset, Helps cool raging fires. Birds join us when we are not too loud, Sipping iridescent water from clay p...
  • Smogasbord
    on Aug 26, 2015 in Poetry cancer death family health poetry
    Smogasbord, and so Health, A dashboard of delights. Supine could be; Relaxed on a hospital bed, Goose down, Luxurious but bad for your back, Foam, Sometimes current but initially, Uncomfortable, A sister healed, A discussion beyond Mum, Silver hair f...
  • Pillow talkQuantum physics dictates that Looked at directly matter will disappear. Big physics says that electrons can be bound, Entangled, still Unified theory does not allow multiple existences. These are matters of the heart; Sometimes looking at love direct...
  • Vanquished  Aliens have been vanquished before. Dolphins, Whales, Elephants, Orchids all, Intelligent, Cannot look after Earth, May have seen the end coming, not Had the means to pollinate, Thought life, Conscious, must Be responsible, For life, have Miss...
  • The sound of an African funeralThey sing for him, Swinging from heel to frail heel, Growing earth between the ground and, his casket, Bleeding love into the air Like orchids, Humming, They rise again And again their gently swaying busts, Move the air to and fro, To and fro, Intend...
  • Boarding Pass to Mars
    on Aug 19, 2015 in Poetry 2015 Boarding Pass Mars NASA space
    HAAA! THIS PLEASED ME! GO BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW! http://mars.nasa.gov/participate/send-your-name/insight/Filed under: Poetry Tagged: 2015, Boarding Pass, Mars, NASA, space...
  • Walking with butterflies
    on Aug 14, 2015 in Poetry
    She shifts with the breeze, Neon white with blue streaks, Antenna filtering the air for blossoms, Fabulous, Owning the street, Owning the couple, At sunset before, The African roundabout, A butterfly that will not let go, Wafting beyond reach, Before...
  • Meditation
    on Aug 14, 2015 in Poetry CEO meditation poetry religion UNEP
    Tie the thread to the farmer! Marry the Bride to the Groom! Arrange a wedding for five billion people, We are approaching the end! Road rage is the immediate, And sudden reconfiguration of, A prior expectation and we are doing well, The old lady, the...
  • I will come“…and, I will come amongst you, Cloaked in the rags of the sinner; Thus shall ye all be judged.” Painting: Vincent-Patricia Watwood -evocative short poetry-Filed under: Poetry Tagged: god, Patricia Watwood, poetry, religion, Vincent...

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