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The central of everything me. This is where I blog my thoughts, things that intrigue me, and maybe some random ramblings. This is also where I place my personal info, portfolio and projects.

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  • Day 7 Challenge: Sekarang Sedang Buat Apa?So today’s topic is “what am I currently doing”, which I assume while doing this entry, hehe. Current sprint task dah complete. Untuk sprint depan punya task pun development dah siap, hehe. Tapi ada isolated issue QE terjumpa masa t...
  • Day 6 Challenge: Gambar Bermake-up @ Tanpa Make-upSaya ni jenis yang sangat tak berapa gemar ber-make-up (sebenarnya lebih kepada tak pandai pun make-up haha). Kalau pergi kerja atau outing pun, very the light, simple and sikit aje make-up yang saya pakai = foundation, compact, lipstick & kadan...
  • Day 5 Challenge: 6 Perkataan Menggambarkan DiriSo today’s challenge is to describe yourself in 6 different words. Each of us are full of colors and personality. So, saya nak share 6 perkataan yang describe diri saya the most :) Passionate Saya ni jenis yang passionate terhadap satu-satu ben...
  • Day 2 Challenge: Gambar Setahun LaluI don’t have a pic which was taken at exactly a year ago with the same date. But I have 2 photos which age around the same :) The photos and story was about a gift that I received during our department’s Christmas gift exchange. I totally...
  • 31 Days Challenge by JDT Blogger
    on Jan 6, 2017 in Segment
    It’s a challenge to blog on these topic everyday for 31 days. So I would like to give it a try! For more info on the challenge, you may visit the site by clicking on the banner above :) #jdtblogger #31dayschallengebyjdtblogger 나좌 화이팅!
  • Day 1 Challenge: Siapakah Saya??Hello, nice to meet you~ 반가워요^^ Who am I? My name is Najwa. I’m currently in my *early-3-series-age* haha. I was born in Kuala Lumpur, raised by my grandparents in Muar (Johor) and currently lives somewhere near Kuala Lumpur again. I ob...
  • Day 3 Challenge: Gambar Dengan KawanRasa susah nak decide, gambar dengan kawan yang mana nak digunakan untuk this post. Takkan lah nak letak gambar dengan semua kawan-kawan yang pernah dikenali seumur hidup kan? Mahunye berjela sampai boleh buat novel bersiri. Ada juga rasa nak letak g...
  • Surgery Application Through InsuranceJust to share my experience. As maybe this post can help others, especially those who never tried to claim through company’s insurance for surgery. Main thing you need to get to ensure that you don’t have to pay, and the insurance will pa...
  • 2017 Resolutions 
    on Dec 23, 2016 in Me Thoughts
    So alhamdulillah I have accomplished my 2016 resolution. Satu je pun = tak nak stress about work. Lagipun bila kita stress kat workplace, kita akan affect orang sekeliling yang bekerja sama-sama dengan kita. Apa-apa pun relax, try to communicate and...
  • #MyTravelNotes: Islamic Centre Canteen, Hong Kong
    on Dec 6, 2016 in Travel Halal Hong Kong MyTravelNotes
    This place is somehow a must-go if you’re a Muslim traveler in Hong Kong. Make sure you really follow the map direction or you can quite easily get lost :) Sunday & public holidays: 9:00am ~ 3:00pm Breakfast & lunch: 10:00am ~ 3:00pm Di...
  • Time Flies!
    on Dec 6, 2016 in Rant Thoughts
    Wow.. less than 3 weeks until 2017. Cepat betul masa berlalu. These days I always feel like I don’t accomplish much in life. Especially this year. Worst.  Most of the time, even during weekend, I usually just spend and waste my time restin...
  • Merindukanmu
    on Jul 27, 2016 in Memories
    Malam semalam terdengar semula satu lagu lama ni – “Merindukanmu”, sang by D’Masiv. Tetibe terkenang start suka lagu ni lepas Akim nyanyi masa his first gathering at Zoo Negara, heee.  Seriously sangat merdu dan mendayu-d...
  • Hardly amused?
    on Jul 8, 2016 in Thoughts
    When we grew up and seen and experienced many things, there’s not much left to imagination and expectation.   We tend to say “thought so” or “dah agak dah” a lot. This is what also differentiate us much with childre...
  • Al-Fatihah buat Arwah Atuk
    on Jun 19, 2016 in Thoughts
    Al-Fatihah dan Yaseen utk arwah Hj Abd Kadir bin Hj Hussien. Dialah insan yang membesarkan dan mendidik saya sejak kecil. Menatang saya bagai minyak yang penuh. You went too soon tok. Atuk tak sempat pun tengok Najwa masuk or grad universiti, sedangk...
  • Lip Tints ReviewI have chappy and dry lips. Previously I used to use simple lip balm, and I have to re-apply it from time to time since it doesn’t stay on for too long, especially after I eat and drink. Although I like my lips to be colored, but I am not a fan...
  • My Personal Lip Tints ReviewI have chappy and dry lips. Previously I used to use simple lip balm, and I have to re-apply it from time to time since it doesn’t stay on for too long, especially after I eat and drink. Although I like my lips to be colored, but I am not a fan...
  • Happy Ramadhan!
    on Jun 5, 2016 in Info Islamic
    Assalamualaikum :) Syukur towards Allah we are able to meet and experience Ramadhan, the month full barakah again! May this month be another month full of good transformation for all of us, insyaAllah. Daripada Abu Hurairah RA bahawa Nabi SAW bersabd...
  • Happy Birthday to Me!
    on May 18, 2016 in Me
    Hahaha.. shamelessly :P It’s so touching to see these precious on my table when I arrived at work today :’)...
  • The One Where Things Gone Wrong
    on May 16, 2016 in Fangirling Rant Travel
    I am supposed to travel to Hat Yai next week. I have been super excited – planned where I want to go, bought flight ticket, etc – mostly because it has been quite sometime since I travel anywhere. Being single and stuck at the same place...
  • Be Brave
    on May 8, 2016 in Thoughts
    Nobody can make that change for me, other than my own self (suddenly teringat lagu Man in the Mirror lol that’s random). I’ve always known that but most of the time, I’d forget. Doesn’t matter if it’s just “other p...
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