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1. How To Perfectly Frost Cupcake 101?

Few passionate bakers around who would want to craft these beautiful little creations on their own. This blog having valuable information about cupcake frosting techniques is what we would be helpful in perfectly frosting cupcake.

Tags: Cake Tins

2. Christmas Cupcakes So Cute, They Are Impossible To Eat

Seasonal holidays are mean tons of theme desserts for us to gorge on. Here are the list of some of the cutest Christmas cupcakes that are too cute to eat on Christmas.

3. Best Wine Pairings for Different Types Breads

The art of wine pairing is complicated enough and experts have differing opinions on which wines pair best with certain types of breads. Here are the basic outline of how to pair bread with different types of wine.

4. 7 Must-Have Desserts For Every Tea Party!

A range of rich and indulgent desserts became the highlight of a tea party. Here are the list of 7 must-have desserts for your tea party.

5. 7 Desserts for a Vibrant & Colourful Holi Party

Holi is one of the most fun Indian festivals to celebrate. Enjoying a colourful rainbow dessert is certainly a fun way to celebrate the new season! Here are 7 fun desserts to serve at your Holi party.

Tags: Cake Making Classes

6. Egg-ceptionally Exquisite: 10 Best Easter Eggs to Make and Eat!

Get crafty and design some specially designed hand-made eggs to give friends and loved ones. Here are given list of beautiful and fun Easter Eggs to make this year.

Tags: Cake Cooking Classes

7. How to Bake the Best Breads At Home

Bread made at home is considerably tastier than bread purchased from store. In this blog, few essential ingredients, equipments and the procedure to make bread are given which is helpful for who have passion for baking.

Tags: Baking Equipment

8. 5 Common Baking Myths Broken

Baking is a science and art, and for novice bakers, there are a lot of myths that get tangled up in the facts. Here are the list of commonly-held baking myths once and for all.

9. Procure Certified Bakery Courses from the Top Class Institute in Mumbai

Aspiring bakers can choose institutes that have a state of the art baking unit which offers students with certified bakery courses in Mumbai. The institute offers students, on the whole are handled by experienced chefs.

Tags: certified bakery courses in Mumbai, professional cake making course

10. 10 Gluten Free Baking Tips That Will Change Your Life

From the initial steps to choosing the flours to be used to flavours, starches and leavening, gluten free baking requires certain level of knowledge.

Tags: Baking Tools & Equipment

11. 5 Ways to Use Cinnamon in Baking

One of the most common and comforting spices in your kitchen shelf, cinnamon is probably one spice you cannot do without. Here are a few ways you can use this favorite spice in simple yet delicious ways.

Tags: Cake Baking

12. How to Store Sugar Craft Flowers

To store your flowers, keep them in a cool and dry place where they can last for a very long time. This is particularly convenient as flowers can be prepared weeks or months in advance before they are needed.

Tags: Cake Decorating Classes

13. 7 Chocolate Sins You Definitely Should Indulge In!

Chocolate has a couple of really beneficial properties like it improves blood flow, and can lower the risk of heart disease. Here are given list of 7 sinful chocolate desserts that are so rich,chocolatey and indulgent.

Tags: Baking Classes In Mumbai

14. Wisk By CakeSmiths - A Hub For Learning Baking Products

Wisk by Cakesmiths conducted a series of live demonstrations at our facility in Kala Ghoda. With a total of over a 100 attendees present at the mini-cake baking classes in Mumbai.

Tags: Cake Baking Course

15. Tips From Famous Bakers And Chefs For Success In The Industry

This blog explains some sage advice given by famous bakers and chefs to get successful in the food industry.

16. 12 Baking Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

Baking is a method of cooking food such as cake, cupcakes, etc. Sometimes, a few common mistakes that bakers tend to make. Here are few baking mistakes are given that you don't while baking.

17. It’s Just A Bite: 6 Spoon Desserts For The Tempted Taster

Spoon Desserts take more time and effort to prepare, and one can make an array of various flavours. In this blog we’ve compiled a list of some of the best spoon desserts.

Tags: Baking Classes

18. Innovative Desserts That Use Marshmallow

Marshmallow is amongst top favorite desserts for half of the world. Here are list of innovative desserts that blend with marshmallows like sun & sky & make for a sinfully gorgeous masterpiece.

Tags: Cake Baking

19. 5 Things That Probably Never Knew About Chocolate

Do you love chocolate so much, that you probably think you know everything about it? Here are a mentioned the list of facts that nobody knows of Chocolate.

Tags: Cake Baking Courses

20. Top 10 Bakeries Around the World

We foodies are always on the lookout for some amazing places with finger-licking servings. Here are a list of top 10 bakeries around the world that you have to visit.

Tags: Cake Baking Classes

21. Revolution in The World of Cakes With Innovations

Wisk by Cakesmiths is ready with its most thrilling and revolutionary cake recipes and desserts that are truly out of this world. The cake baking classes have already provided guidance to enjoy desserts

Tags: cake baking classes, Cake courses in Mumbai

22. 7 Best Cake Making Accessories

A perfect cake baking equipment complements your baking needs completely. Hence, below is the list of seven best and useful cake making essentials to help you make beautiful cakes!

Tags: Baking Accessories

23. How to Salvage Your Baking Experiment Gone Wrong

Every baker once in a while commits a mistake while in the process of baking. Keeping in mind a few baking rules and techniques to resolve the baking experiments gone wrong can take you a long way in bringing the best out of...

Tags: Cake Decorating Tools

24. Unique ways to decorate Easter Eggs!

Coloured Easter eggs are the universal symbol of Easter since ages. Learn the some of the endless ways of decorating easter eggs and make memories with some of the brightest eggs giving hues of springtime and an uplifting...

Tags: Cake Decorating

25. Tips from our Baking Studio – Always Judge a Dish by its Plating

These days, plating has become an entire subject in itself, and rightfully deserves the attention it receives. Plating basically helps to enhance what is placed on the plate, and it can be as simple or as high-end as you want.

Tags: Professional Baking Courses

26. 5 Traditional Desserts That Never Fail To Impress

There are a few traditional desserts that one cannot stop from indulging on like, Gulab Jamuns, Kulfi, Gajar ka halwa to name a few. Apart from accompanying any meal, these desserts do form an integral part of offerings in...

Tags: Food

27. 10 Baking Mistakes Everyone Makes

If you follow the proper methods, measurements, techniques and ingredients required for baking, you are sure to come out good. Here are the ten most common baking mistakes everyone makes and you should avoid.

Tags: Cake Baking

28. Discover a Few Tempting Secret Recipes, You Might Not Even Want to Share

Whatever your dream – a restaurant or bakery owner, a chef or a food media persona, it is prudent to enroll oneself in an affordable baking studio.

Tags: Professional Baking Courses

29. Would You Like Some Chocolate With Those Fries? Bizarre Chocolate Mashups!

With fusion dishes becoming all the rage these days, chocolate is being favoured in some highly unusual mashups recipes. We’ve put together interesting chocolate combinations in food.

Tags: Cake Baking Class

30. Conquer the fear of making perfect cakes and decorating them with helpful tips from Wisk.

Due to an increasing demand, many studios have created courses designed to exhibit the art of chocolate making.

Tags: Professional Baking Courses

31. With cakes and chocolates, every event is a sweet day. A simple delicacy!

A sweet tooth can drive a person to an outlet doling-out confectionery and desserts. But why do people spend money on cakes and chocolates when they can bake their own picks at home?

Tags: Professional Baking Courses

32. Successfully Accomplish Complicated Cake Making Recipes

Youngsters from around the globe, having diverse cultures and ideas, have a passion for food. The food business offers a career in various fields along with business opportunities.

Tags: Professional Cake Decorating Classe, Cake Making And Decorating Courses

33. 7 Frozen Desserts To Cope With The Heat

In this blog given list of frozen desserts to cope with the heat in summer days.

34. A Guide to Pairing Contrasting Cake Flavours And Combinations

The regular cake base and frosting/filling pairings- chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, vanilla cakes with strawberries, and so on- can become rather boring. This article guides you some interesting flavours to contrast...

Tags: Professional Cake Baking Course

35. The Veggie Explosion: How to Eat vegetables as Dessert

Vegan and paleo cooking has long used vegetables as substitute for flour and other ingredients, but you don’t need to be a vegan or go on a paleo diet to enjoy these healthy desserts.

Tags: Desserts

36. 5 Desserts For A Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoon is made for relaxing and chilling out, along with sumptuous desserts in tow. Here are the list of best desserts to eat on a Sunday afternoon.

Tags: Desserts

37. Pizza Through the Ages: A (Sumptuous) Slice of History

Learn the best baking techniques doughs for both thick- and thin-crusted pizzas, and work hands-on to make 10 varieties of pizza, including traditional, Sicilian and focaccia with the help of baking classes.

Tags: Baking Couses

38. Baking Techniques – Vital Essentials of Your Kitchen!

We at Cakesmiths have put the basic baking techniques for baking without any hassle. Here you will get some basic baking techniques like sifting, measuring, creaming, beating, folding, zesting, kneading etc.

Tags: cake baking techniques

39. The Science of Baking : Comparison of Sugar

Sugar forms the basic building block for all types of dough, and establishes a general pH level. In addition, sugar attracts the water from dough, interferes with gluten development, bacterial development, protein coagulation.

40. The Most Common Mistakes Made During Baking

Bake the best cakes and decorate them using various techniques, on cake making and decorating courses conducted in wisk by cakesmiths in Mumbai to avoid baking mistake generally done

Tags: cake courses in Mumbai, cake making and decorating courses

41. 5 Unusual Cupcake Fillings

In this blog mentioned list of different type of cupcake fillings which makes your party or event amazing.

Tags: Baking Tools And Equipment

42. Why Use a Silicone Bakeware Set?

Silicone Bakeware sets are gaining popularity, . Bakers now need not worry about their cake or the cupcake getting stuck inside the mould, as with silicone moulds, the cakes would easily slide out without any effort.

Tags: silicone cupcake mould online in In

43. Tips to Make Baking Easy

To make things easy for you, we bring to you some tips that are a little unknown to all. Let us have a look at what they are.

Tags: silicone cake moulds, cake decorating supplies

44. How to Pull Off a Designer Cake with Confidence

When you try joining cake making and decorating courses available in your neighborhood, you can learn simple cake decoration techniques, without any hassles.This is a simple cake decorating technique. You will now learn how to...

Tags: cake making and decorating courses, Cake baking course

45. Tips to Bake an Apple Pie- Perfectly

There are many apple pie recipes you can follow, there are a few Tips to Bake an Apple Pie- Perfectly in thos blog These tips work perfectly for beginners in baking and will ensure you have a perfect pie with an amazingly...

Tags: cake cooking classes in Mumbai, cake decorating classes in Mumbai

46. Decoding Dark Chocolate: Is Dark Chocolate Really Healthy?

Dark chocolate is packed with nutrients that are beneficial to health. Here are the some health benefits of dark chocolate that make it acceptable to indulge in every now and then.

47. Top 7 Tips for Making the Perfect Macarons

Macarons are one of the most fun and chic cookies that you can get your hands on. This blog explains about the list of guidlines and tricks are kept in mind for making the best macarons.

48. Top 5 Best Verrines Desserts!

Verines are essentially layered desserts served in wide, transparent glasses. These desserts are comprised of various ingredients layered atop one another, such as layers of sponge, cream, fruit, nuts, and many more.

49. 10 Stunning Cakes that are too Good to Eat

In this blog you will get to know the list of incredible and jaw-dropping cakes that are just too stunning to eat.

Tags: Cake Course

50. 10 Stunning Cakes that are too Good to Eat

In this blog you will get to know the list of incredible and jaw-dropping cakes that are just too stunning to eat.

51. Bake Perfectly With Best Baking Tips and Tricks!!!

The most known and tested baking recipes turn out to be a disaster on several occasions for reasons you may take the baking for granted. Here we throw some light on the ten best baking tips and tricks to help you get the...

Tags: Cake Baking

52. 7 Frozen Desserts To Cope With The Heat

In hot summer we are constantly looking for some chilling desserts to soothe us down. In this blog, some delicious desserts that you will try easily at home.

Tags: Professional Baking Course

53. Gorgeous Little Cupcakes for a Quick Treat

Cupcakes are adorable, although many do not think these to be trendy. However, with a few innovations and trendy ideas, you can turn cupcakes into a delicious dessert

Tags: cake making and decorating courses

54. The Five Must-Have Baking Equipment and Tools

The basic set of tools and equipment to bake a variety of cakes and desserts - Access to a wide variety of baking and cake decorating tools and basic baking essentials that one can have to make your job easier.

Tags: cake making supplies, cake moulds online

55. Choose the Essential Baking Appliances for an Amazing Baking Experience

The baking tools and equipment for making cookies, baking bread, or constructing a birthday cake, having the right equipment is important and can make the whole experience less stressful

Tags: baking tools and equipment, silicone moulds online in India

56. Packaging in baking

If you run a bakery or a small-scale baking business, you’ll know how essential it is to make high-quality baked goods for your clientele.

Tags: packaging in baking

57. 3 Different Styles Of Bread Making

Bread making is one of the most underrated arts. For bread baking you need a set of baking equipments. In this blog, you will get to know information about 3 different styles of bread baking.

Tags: Baking Tools and Enquipment

58. Ancient Baking Tools & Equipments

Today, we have hundreds of modern day baking tools & equipment such as food processors, cupcake liners etc. Here are some tools that were fortunately present in the ancient times & were used for baking by majority.

Tags: Cake Decorating Items Online India

59. Best Festive Cookie Cutters

Here are the list of the best festive cookie cutters this season. Ranging from elegant, to funny and bizarre, collect a mix of these awesome cookie cutters for a fun, festive party-whatever the occasion!

Tags: Cake Baking

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