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French Cuisine : Crêpes au Fromage ( cheese crêpes )

Besides famous as a center of fashion , France is also famous with cooking since the Napoleonic era ( 17th century ) . In 2010 , the official French cuisine in the list of Cultural Heritage Objects wealth of " Intangible Cultural Heritage " by UNESCO...
by boredcake on Dec 29, 2013

Recipes to Make Sense of Strawberry Macaroon Cakes

Before we read the recipe to make cookies macaroon, if you've ever tried Macaroon? Cake that brightly colored, cute and beautiful is very popular at this time, in addition to red velvet, and rainbow cake, this cake is dominated by savory flavors of...
by boredcake on Oct 27, 2013

How to Make Delicious Pizza Sozis

Sausage is a food made ​​from animal intestines filled with minced meat. Has been popular since ancient times. And now the food is very much and more people will collaborate with the food that is equally popular. Pizza, foods derived from the Fre...
by boredcake on Oct 27, 2013