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Why Do We Feel Meh When We Look In The Mirror {4}

ever flick through a magazine and wish you had hair like… lorde (oh i love her curls), eyes like lea michele, a body like anyone in hollywood?!? even though we know media has such an agenda when it comes to image, we’re buying.  even uninten...
by One Passion One Devotion on Apr 11, 2014


TRUE BEAUTYdesi girls...
by hot dream world on Oct 31, 2013

What is a Beautiful Woman?

Beauty is the outward expression of a healthy body, a constructive mind and spirit that are all in harmony. Beauty is mastering the combination of a woman’s unique physical characteristics, her intelligence, personality, self-confidence, and purpos...
by Beautiful Women on Sep 1, 2012

Be Happy With Yourself

Everyone wants to be happy, but many do not succeed. Why? Because sometimes we rely on people or things, like money to make us happy. This is wrong. Happiness lies within each of us. But how? Oscar Wilde once said: 'It's better to be beautiful...
by Beautiful Women on Aug 1, 2012

You are Beautiful!

We all want to be beautiful. That is human nature. We constantly deal with beauty issues like what is best for our skin and what makeup is best. However, look at yourself in the mirror and see how pretty you are, even without all the makeup, beca...
by Beautiful Women on Feb 15, 2012

Beauty is abstract

Beauty is more than skin-deep. Beauty is unique grace and confidence, a shining light that sparkles through the eyes and smile. It's not what you look like; it's what you project. Beauty is a subjective quality and a universal perfect beauty is but a...
by Beautiful Women on Aug 29, 2011