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Paddy Power gives Game of Thrones odds on Maura Derrane iPad Race with thanks to Lucozade in aid of Sport research for the blind

These will certainly help users looking to increase their hand-eye-coordination if they're attempting to guide TV3's Maura Derrane through the treacherous Westeros and Essos landscape to escape the evil Thirso and his mighty Dehydraosaurs in order to...
by The Codologist on Oct 22, 2013

Rihanna: Injured in Bottle Attack!

She wasn’t...
by youthinvention on Feb 18, 2013

Henry Shefflin talks about the first 15 minutes of a game

Will Lucozade Sport create a new advert where “Henry Shefflin talks about the first 15 minutes of a game”? Following Tipperarys drumming of Kilkenny there are plent of other jokes including this prayer… Our father who art in Semple,...
by Shanes World Wide Blog on Sep 6, 2010