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The Value of Independence

There has been a recent trend in the country to belittle the leaders of Indian independence struggle, or compare them against each other to decide which was the better one. Indian freedom movement was not a competition. It was the struggle of a natio...
by Shankhnaad on Aug 14, 2015

Encounters with the Indian Police

As a kid, my only opinion of the Indian police was formed thanks to Bollywood movies. I considered them some guys who arrived after everything happens (like beating up the bad guys) to arrest the bad guys.Later, I encountered various types of Police:...
by Shankhnaad on Aug 26, 2014

15th August Independence Day, Happy Independence Day Date

15thAugust Independence Day, Happy Independence Day Date: The 15th August is the day on which India got the Independence from the British government. The Happy Independence Day Date is 15th August 1947 on this day India got the independence between 2...
by Independence day india on Aug 12, 2014

India- The wounded warrior.

On 15th August 1947, India gained independence from the yoke of  the British Raj. India, after long years of sleep, finally woke up at the stoke of midnight. But, the dawn is still far off. We, Indians have to get rid of the vestiges of colonialism...
by Shankhnaad on Oct 27, 2013

Let's play the blame game

You haven't heard of the blame game? Of course, you have. I'll show you some of the moves and help you remember. "The corruption ! It's spreading like a forest fire. All the govt. officials take bribes, including the highest officers to the low...
by Shankhnaad on Oct 7, 2013

Mother India speaks

When the twilight set in, I wasn't scared. I knew the cycle of nature- a day is always followed by a night and vice-versa. But, as the night ascended,darkness completely engulfed my life. The night seemed eternal as if the wheels of time had stopped...
by Shankhnaad on Oct 7, 2013