Inconsistent Blog Posts

WTF, Fashion Police?

Even though I've lost quite a bit of weight over the last three years, I'm still a big girl.   I accept my size, and tend to focus more on my health than my weight. And I'm not a fashionista, puzzling over various outfits for hours a day.&n...

Inconsistent Blogger award goes!

Oh hey there lovely people of the world! Guess who decided to come back? :))Do you still remember me? Yes? No? I would be really sad if you said no. :P Anyway, I am back once again. Happy? You better be. HAHAHAHA jk :DJust a little update about me, I...
by A Flurry of Thoughts on Aug 26, 2014

larry hurtado on “jesus the zealot”

by Larry Hurtado   One of the things variously amusing and annoying is the re-appearance of ideas and claims in my own area of expertise as if something new, something suppressed (e.g., by us scholars supposedly) and really racy and sensationall...
by The Anglo-Sinkie Scribbles on Sep 29, 2013