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Spiritual Product for Peace Money Wealth Shanti

Spiritual Products for making wishes completeWe offer Spiritual Product. We use superior quality marble for manufacturing Spiritual Productand crafted by expert craftsman. Spiritual Product are available in different specification.Astrology & Vaa...
by Astrologer Peeyush vashisth on Mar 2, 2014

Lightening Soap Updates +

UPDATES on the skin lightening soaps I've used.Well of course I had to stop using that steroid ridden Bio Claire crap. It made me really sick. I only used it for a week and noticed I was feeling sluggish, sick, and tired. It really slooooowed me dow...
by Halloween on Aug 25, 2013

More Lightening Soap

Bought a few more lightening soaps hoping to even out my skin. Unfortunately some parts of my skin that are darker than the rest don't want to respond to the gentle fade creams so I decided to try something stronger. I did use kojie san anti-aging ko...
by Halloween on Feb 3, 2013