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How to unify the interior design with garden

An architecture often have interesting ideas, especially in terms of design architecture.John McLaughlin seemed to know very well about the assumption. His residence with his family into a project to develop an idea that drew him. McLaughlin is an ar...
by lazahouse on Sep 22, 2014

Green Technology Design Ideas for the Home

Green and smart home design continues to make its way to the forefront with innovative energy efficient and safety concepts in mind for consumers. So it is no surprise that... The post Green Technology Design Ideas for the Home appeared first on .
by Stagetecture on Sep 13, 2014

The house gardener

I'm a big fan of indoor plants, not only  do they look beautiful but word has it they also help to purify air and relieve stress. Forget standard pots though. Indoor plants have had something of a make-over of late and terracotta planters have b...

Green Interior Design

There are several reasons for wanting to make your interior design projects green. And even in this economy remodeling is still happening so what does a Green interior design project entails?. Lots of people want to make a green project but think it...
by The Best Interior on Jan 30, 2014

Green Color Interior Design

Green color interior design is vision environmental design is guided by the conviction that there should be space in which to feel at ease, at least to appease the environmental impact. Green is the...
by Decoration Ideas on Feb 9, 2012