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Gorgeous … Design of the “Floating Houses” in Jakarta!

Gorgeous … Design of the “Floating Houses” in Jakarta! In the heat of the Jakarta-Indonesia, this home brings together the tropical atmosphere and modern style. Standing on the land area of 1,500 square meters, the concept of the de...
by Virtu House on Nov 10, 2014

Floating House for Land Property Problem

In recent year, we face a big problem, that we don’t have enough land to build a house. Land is become a high property, and will be more expensive in the year to come. Every Country in this world will face the same problem, that they will have no l...
by lazahouse on Sep 19, 2014

Small Floating Retreat in Sweden

This very little floating retreat is positioned somewhere in the Swedish archipelago, where John and his wife expend their time through summer season. Because the property has an outboard motor on the again of it, they can shift their deal with where...
by Home Design Ideas on Nov 8, 2011