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Kendall Jenner Calls This Her Go-To Casual Look

When you think of a poster woman for the athleisure trend, Kendall Jenner probably comes to mind. The model has championed the sporty-cool off-duty look, making a pair of leggings a wardrobe staple. And while she has styled her leggings in many diffe...
by The Style Clash on Jan 14, 2017

Shop the Swimsuit Bella Hadid Instagrammed to Her 9 Million Followers

It may be the dead of winter, but Bella Hadid is serving up some warm-weather inspiration to look forward to. (Are you counting down the days until spring yet?) Hadid posted a duo of sunny Instagrams from the Bahamas, one showing off a simple graphic...
by The Style Clash on Jan 14, 2017

Can You Guess the $50,000 Difference Between These Engagement Rings?

Take a good look at the below photo. While both are five-carat stones, there’s an outstanding $50,000 difference between the stunners. One of our favorite jewelers Stephanie Gottlieb (if you don’t already follow her on Instagram, now is the time)...
by The Style Clash on Jan 14, 2017

Karl Lagerfeld is About to Expand His Résumé

Karl Lagerfeld fans: Get ready for some serious bling in your future because the designer is teaming up with Swarovski for a collection you'll want to get your hands on this fall. WWD reports that the 83-year-old's namesake label has "signed an exclu...
by The Style Clash on Jan 14, 2017

Is Amal Clooney Bringing Back This Forgotten Boot Trend?

Take a look at your shoe closet: How many different styles of boots do you own? If you're anything like us, your ultimate go-to is probably a pair of ever-popular ankle boots, which crop up everywhere this time of year.But if you've been thinking of...
by The Style Clash on Jan 14, 2017

This Is the #1 Shoe Trend to Try Now

There's something precious about white shoes. They're sleek, sophisticated, and, let's just say, not meant for a day in the wild. And while in the past, the shade has been a summer-only choice, lately we've seen street style stars and It girls adopt...
by The Style Clash on Jan 14, 2017

The Bohemian Trend Is Alive and Well in Dior Pre-Fall

Bohemian style is a trend that never fully disappears. It's popularity ebbs and flows. And coming off of a year when sneakers, leggings, and all things athleisure were ubiquitous, the arrival of Dior's Pre-Fall 17 collection, which embraces romantic...
by The Style Clash on Jan 14, 2017

Gen Z Shoppers Are Unique in This One Surprising Way

Gen Z—the generation younger than millennials—has lived their whole lives surrounded by technology. It's tempting to believe that teenagers today spend their entire days glued to their phones, but as Racked reports, they actually do appreciate an...
by The Style Clash on Jan 14, 2017

The Unexpected Street Style Trend All Over Men's Fashion Week

In case you missed it, this week was Pitti Uomo, the biannual trade show in Milan that showcases all things menswear. While we always savor the street style at any fashion week—when the elite pull out all the stops—this time around, we spotted a...
by The Style Clash on Jan 14, 2017

Vintage Versani Ital

via Heels - Tacones
by Paper Doll Eve: A Girl Dreams on Jan 14, 2017

Cara Membersihkan Noda dari Pakaian Bahan Jeans

Cara Membersihkan Noda dari Pakaian Bahan Jeans - Salah satu bahan Fashion yang tidak pernah lekang oleh waktu adalah jeans, dari jaman dulu jeans merupakan alah satu bahan yang paling tren dikalangan anak muda. Bahan jeans adalah bahan yang paling k...
by Sikepo membersihkan on Jan 13, 2017

Leopard Shoes Are The Answer

Whatever your style is, a girl should own classic pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories in her wardrobe. Because whenever the occasion calls for it, you just have to reach in to your closet for them and need not to freak out and scour the mall ju...
by Helloviellobits! on Jan 13, 2017

Noomi Rapace Leather Gloves 2 (UHQ)

Swedish actress Noomi Rapace in leather gloves and leather skirt at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2013. This time in UHQ. I love her smile too.
by LEATHER LEATHER LEATHER Blog on Jan 13, 2017

Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Winter Look

Don’t you just love winter holidays? Gingerbread, cinnamon, toffees, and hot cocoa all days long make everything perfect. Even though we all have the urge to curl up under a fuzzy blanket with a cup of something sweet and hot this season, that does...
by Helloviellobits! on Jan 12, 2017

Classical Dress

Classical  Dress online available The post Classical Dress appeared first on MarketPlustME.
by Market Plus ME on Jan 12, 2017

Victoria Beckham You Regret her Breast Augmentation

Victoria Beckham :   Victoria Beckham is now their beauty OPs. But in hindsight she wouldn’t let it rather Her umSnip itself   Victoria Beckham is honestly like never before! In a letter addressed to her...
by Sizling People on Jan 12, 2017

Amazing Dress !!!

Amazing Dress Watch Amazing Dress The post Amazing Dress !!! appeared first on MarketPlustME.
by Market Plus ME on Jan 11, 2017

Update Your Wardrobe for the New Year

When I think of the New Year, I think of everything has to be new. Like my way of life, my way of thinking and of course my way of dressing. It will be Spring and Summer soon, and new trends will be running down the runways and the streets. So I gues...
by Helloviellobits! on Jan 11, 2017

Blake Lively The New Face of L ‘ Oreal

Blake Lively :   Actress, mother, beauty representative: Blake lively is a real bartender and now proves it as advertising face of L ‘ Oreal.   Ryan Reynolds can boast a better half of Blake...
by Sizling People on Jan 10, 2017

Cari Clothing Berkualitas, Harga Bersahabat, Directthrow aja !

Directthrow Clothing - Beli baju trend fashion terkini ? atau cari yang pas dengan kantong ? Model yang menjanjikan ? Berkualitas !Directthrow : StartupDirectthrow bisa memenuhi semua itu mulai dari jaket trend terbaru , flanel , kemeja pria , dan sw...
by Fathan Blogger on Jan 10, 2017