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$25 Visa GC & SmartBones Prize Pack Giveaway

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by Before and After Baby on Dec 18, 2016

Video Game Review: Watch Dogs 2

You are Marcus Holloway, a rebellious hacker that has been flagged by ctOS, the operating system that monitors citizens' every move, as a threat to commit crimes. Marcus is none too happy about this, and he infiltrates Blume, the company behind ctOS,...
by RotoRob on Dec 9, 2016

Wife Rescues A “Dog”, But It’s Actually A Coyote. Then Her Husband Has a Meltdown.

Understandably, Justin Bogh had a minor freakout when he began receiving these texts from his wife, Kayla Eby. Kayla told Justin she had “found” an abandoned dog, but something didn’t look quite right to Justin. Once the gears in Ju...
by I Heart Pets on Dec 3, 2016

Blu-ray Review: War Dogs

Jonah Hill has had no shortage of memorable roles during his career, from Superbad to Moneyball to Wolf of Wall Street, but we're not sure he's done a better job than what he did in War Dogs. While we have no idea how faithful the portrayal is to rea...
by RotoRob on Nov 28, 2016

Illumacollar Dog Leash Giveaway

by Before and After Baby on Nov 12, 2016

Dog’s Life Is Made When Her Favorite Toy Comes Alive

If you have a pup that has a favorite toy, you know how attached they can become to it. Much like kids, they’ll drag it anywhere and everywhere with them – from around the house, to their daily walks. Golden Retriever Jolene has a very fa...
by I Heart Pets on Oct 31, 2016

Truly Pawsome Giveaway

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by Before and After Baby on Oct 29, 2016


by Breathtaking And Inappropriate on Oct 28, 2016

Australian Dogs Breeds

Australian Cattle Dog Blue HeelerEarly settlers brought sheepdog breeds that herded well in the British Isles pastures, but they couldn’t handle our rugged Australian outback. The settlers needed short-coated, weather-tolerant dogs like us who coul...
by Dog Breeds on Oct 27, 2016

Whats My Dogs Breed

What Is the Dogs Name in Up"This is an absolutely devastating loss for my sister and allowing a dog to be "dangerously out of control" has since been released on police bail. The animal - identified as an American bulldog, which is no...
by Dog Breeds on Oct 27, 2016

Minister Maneka Gandhi, the savior of mad dogs and enemy of humans?

It is quite surprising to see the great love and concern union minister Maneka Gandhi has for the street dogs, animals and insects than the human beings. It is also alarming to see the attitude of some elected representatives of the people, showing o...

Hybrid Dogs Breeds

Breed Designer Dogs PomskyThe rise in popularity of "designer dogs" - small fluffy crossbreeds - has led to the rise of "puppy farms" in order to deal with demand in New Zealand. "The wrinkled skin folds in this breed are pro...
by Dog Breeds on Oct 25, 2016

Everyone’s Crying After An Expert Explained What Dogs Dream Of

Humans are always wondering about what’s going through their little furry pets’ heads. What do they want when they’re barking or purring? What’s their favorite thing to do? What do they dream of? Well, People recently talked t...
by I Heart Pets on Oct 23, 2016

Big Fluffy Dogs Breeds

Big Fat Fluffy DogsA Whistle GPS collar on a pit bull mix. Dave Mosher/Tech Insider Dogs under 10 pounds are not well represented on Whistle, since the GPS collar is usually too big for them. So toy breeds could be lazier, but Whistle's data wouldn't...
by Dog Breeds on Oct 22, 2016

Dogs Breeds A Z

Types of Dogs Breeds NamesWe’ve changed how dogs feed, their behavior, we’ve created countless breeds based on our needs and desires – perhaps to the point where our actions could be considered inconsiderate or even reckless, but that’s beyon...
by Dog Breeds on Oct 20, 2016

Belgian Dogs Breeds

Belgian Malinois Dog BreedVic, who was a very proud Yorkshireman, owned many breeds over the years but will be best remembered for the Belgian Shepherd Dog Groenendaels and Tervuerens which he and Lynne bred under the Woodlyn affix. In the early 1980...
by Dog Breeds on Oct 18, 2016


by Breathtaking And Inappropriate on Oct 10, 2016

Viva le Hot Dog!

Cookbook Love loves hot dogs!And so does Cutco. And so does their illustrator, Frank Marcello. Just look at this fine fellow fencing, confident in his meat selection:Why he's parried and thrust her burger nearly down to the handle!Consider his form.
by Cookbook Love on Oct 3, 2016

13 Cutest Little Dogs That Continue to be Little Eternally

Tiny Issues ARE Adorable. Every person on this earth agrees this simple fact. If you believe you that have any opposing thoughts, get a look at the list boasting the modest dogs that stay tiny forever. You will alter your notion. Aside from they are...
by LifeStyle9 on Sep 5, 2016

Dogs Breeding Video

Dogs Mating Humans. Women Mating Dogs PercalMost, aggressive dog, with doggy style, Funny videos 2016, Animals breeding, animal husbandry, Animals Mate for life, most aggressive dogs, dog aggression, most aggressive dog breeds, training tips, trainin...
by Dog Breeds on Sep 4, 2016