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Are you vitamin D deficient?

There are very few dietary sources of Vitamin D. Most of the Vitamin D that our bodies require is produced through direct exposure to sunlight. […]...
by Jigs Dinner on Jan 11, 2015

Political gimmick or future-security initiatives

Close to its completion of five-year term the PPP-coalition government’s focus was on the recent economic initiatives, including the handing of Gwadar seaport to China and the signing of Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project agreements, though the...
by pakideology on Apr 4, 2013

Iron for Lady

Iron is essential for organism to transfer oxygen, additionally, it plays a crucial role in oxidation processes. Also, that micro-element is essential for generating energy in muscles, for cholesterol metabolism, for defense mechanisms cell, erythroc...
by collegesonlineweb on Feb 9, 2013

Suing For Harassment – Consumer Rights!

Read this quote somewhere – “People understand me so poorly that they don’t even understand my complaint about them not understanding me.” Okai, jokes apart. Do you have issues with any service provider? Frustrated? Helpless? Don̵...
by Thitherwards on Jul 30, 2012

Free apps could harm your battery

Have you ever been in a middle of a serious phone conversation with your lover when he says: "Babe, I have something important to tell you" and suddenly your phone is shutting down because it's out of battery?
by Women love tech on Apr 22, 2012