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The Five Signs You’re In The Middle of A Break-up You’ll Never See Coming

Rather be the dumper than the dumpee? Spot these warning signs and get out fast!
by Datedaily on Jan 21, 2013

Kate Middleton’s Awful Portrait And How To Take A Profile Picture That Men Will Respond To

We’ve heard it time and time again, when looking to find a great guy online the most important element of your profile is the picture. Yes, it seems shallow, but that doesn’t mean you should put on your skimpiest dress and shellac on the kobuki m...
by Datedaily on Jan 11, 2013

Proof You That You Really Need To Date A Short Man

Are you missing out on all the best dates, because you refuse to date shorter men?
by Datedaily on Jan 9, 2013

A Man’s Guide To Creating An Online Dating Profile for Women

Want to attract a man online? Then take a man's advice on creating a profile that'll get that cutie to msg you!
by Datedaily on Jan 1, 2013

Do This Date: Go Skating!

Beat the winter blahs with a fun winter date!
by Datedaily on Dec 28, 2012

I Want My Boyfriend To Propose

'I want my boyfriend to propose but he won't. How do I make him take a step?' This is a question running over the minds of many women at the verge of desperation for marriage. While there are ways to make him propose, you should be aware that an ulti...

How to Win at Online Dating, ‘Tumblr Gif Party’ Style

How to win at dating, featuring GIFS from your favorite TV shows and movies. It's pretty awesome.
by Datedaily on Jul 5, 2012

Don’t Take Dating Tips From Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey's new movie Think Like A Man is getting a lot of attention, but the dating advice he gives is really bad. It's not what women want and it's not what men need to please a woman. It's bad advice that's more likely to cause a break-up than...
by Datedaily on Apr 27, 2012