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Sales Prospecting in the 21st Century - Part 1

Sales prospecting is different in the 21st century. This posting reviews the book High-Profit Prospecting by Mark Hunter,...
by Increase Sales Coach on Aug 31, 2016

Labor Day Messages 2016 to Customers Funny

Labor Day Messages 2016 to Customers Funny Labor is the only person without whom no work can be completed even you possess too much wealth. All such employers who treat labor not as labor but as family instead would expand their business to many area...

How Boring Are You to Your Sales Prospects?

Maybe why so many sales prospects do not convert is they are being bored to death or at least sleep?
by Increase Sales Coach on Aug 19, 2016

Labor Day Greetings Wishes Cards 2016 Employees Facebook

Labor Day Greetings Wishes Cards 2016 Employees Facebook Labor Day is a day marked to give off to working man from his regular work. This day even marks the end of summer in America. On this day, all the labors would rejoice in worshiping their work...

The Human Desire to Control the Sales Closing Question

In your desire to control your sales closing question are you revealing more than you intended?
by Increase Sales Coach on Aug 16, 2016

How Customer Loyalty Can Be Destroyed by One Simple Action

Sometimes the most simple changes by businesses can create an unexpected reaction especially when it comes to customer loyalty.
by Increase Sales Coach on Aug 13, 2016

Sales Today Is Truly a Balancing Act

Possibly many in sales fail to understand how marketing and selling today is truly a balancing act.
by Increase Sales Coach on Aug 12, 2016

How To Stay Safe And Keep Growing On Twitter

Summary advice: New Users: Only follow a handful of people in an hour, eg. 50 to 70 Established Users: You can follow more if you have built up trust. Locked Users: Unlock your account and lower your activity level. Multip...

Where's Your Sales Beef - Part 1

The Wendy's commercial of "Where the beef?" is a simple and yet subtle way for those in sales and leadership to understand quality and differentiation.
by Increase Sales Coach on Aug 2, 2016

Simply Speaking Email Marketing May Turn Off Sales Referrals

Email marketing is according to research effective in securing new sales leads and sales referrals. The challenge is to be careful with the actual content and the mailing list.
by Increase Sales Coach on Jul 13, 2016

Value Articulation Maybe Your Only Sales Obstacle

When you ask, a salesperson, what is your main sales obstacle, I doubt if value articulation would be the response.
by Increase Sales Coach on Jul 12, 2016

Good News for International Customers

#lookonthebrightside #thatslife I’ve seen about a 30% increase in USA and Canada sales since the UK started having it’s Pound wobble…..  Hooray! Good news for my international customers as my £ prices are now less value on the $ c...
by Earth Balance Craft Blog on Jul 10, 2016

News: Expedia Enables Customers to Travel with Points

Expedia+ members can now use their earned points to book hotel stays, replacing the need for vouchers. Points can be redeemed for an entire transaction, including taxes and fees, and members can stretch their savings even further by tapping on Expedi...
by XinYun @ SG on Jul 1, 2016

No, I Really Don't Do That

It's not unusual to get the odd request concerning my photography. An example being, "I see you have this picture of downtown Charleston, do you have one of Scranton, Ohio?" Or - "I notice you do landscapes, could I hire you to photograph my pet bunn...
by My Life a Bit South of Normal on Jun 30, 2016

5 Easy Ways To Take Total Control Of Your Finances

1.Create and Maintain a Budget      The first step to avoiding the troubles of financial debt is to create and maintain a budget. It’s not as intimidating as it sounds, don’t worry.        First off,  create a list of all your month...

How To Remember Names, A Short Memory Course !

You just called the TV repair shop and the voice on the other end of the line tells you "this is Ayojide Stephen". About 5 minutes later you tell your wife that "this guy" will be out to fix the TV in the morning. You can't thin...

Beware Of Exclusive Friendships

An excellent and gentle man of my acquaintance has said, "When fifty-one per cent of the voters believe in cooperation as opposed to competition, the Ideal Commonwealth will cease to be a theory and become a fact." That men should work toge...

A We Sales Culture Versus a Me Sales Culture

My sense is many SMBs believe they have a “We” sales culture when in reality they have a “Me” sales culture.  This is because those who are not directly connected to sales meaning they do not get paid to sell believe “m...
by Increase Sales Coach on Apr 18, 2016

The First Rule of Sales, A Truly Philosophical Discussion

So what do you believe is the first rule of sales? I share my simple response.
by Increase Sales Coach on Apr 16, 2016

10 Ways To Personally Develop Your Potentials

1. Remain flexible.  As long as you keep focusing on your strengths and potential, the right thing will come along - and probably sooner rather than later. But don't quit at the first sign of boredom.  Even if you have truly found your niche, y...