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Mighty Quinn's: Award-Winning New York Style Slow Smoked BBQ Opens in Manila

The award-winning New York Style Slow Smoked BBQ joint Might Quinn's opens in SM Megamall Fashion Hall. And, I was fortunate to be one who got to try it prior to its official opening. Standard... Read More at
by Tsinoy Foodies on Dec 12, 2016

Are You Cooking on Gas? Why a Gas BBQ is Better

With another dry, (partly) sunny weekend on the horizon, many of us will be planning to fire up the barbie over the next couple of days.  What could be nicer than spending time in the garden with family or friends, enjoying delicious, freshly co...
by Attachment Mummy on Aug 12, 2016

Summer Barbecue

Summer Barbecue The post Summer Barbecue appeared first on Global Granary.
by GlobalGranary on Aug 6, 2016

Labor Day BBQ & Grilling | Clipart | Ideas | Invitation | Party | Menu

Labor Day weekend is here and nobody wants to waste it. Everyone wants to enjoy it as its a long weekend. So, here are some ideas for Labor Day BBQ & Grilling that you can do on this great occasion. There are great Labor Day Events that are going...
by Labor Day 2016 on Jul 31, 2016

Recipe: Barbecued Peach Salad with Vinaigrette Dressing #vegetarian

Barbecued peaches are usually served sweet as a dessert, but they work brilliantly in this lovely summery salad.  The BBQ brings out the richness and depth of flavour and the residual sweetness works beautifully with the salty halloumi.  Ou...
by Attachment Mummy on Jul 27, 2016

Jay D's Bites: Smoked CreoleTomato Soup

by Blair LoupThis is not a drill! Chef Aimee Tortorich has concocted the most delicious tomato soup to have ever graced my taste buds. Still processing the loss of the spicy tomato soup at Chelsea's, I have finally found a stand in.It's spicy, it's s...
by Bite and Booze on Jul 25, 2016

Jay D's Bites: Barbecue Bloody Mary

by Blair LoupI fell in love with Blood Marys at an early age. I wasn't drinking them, but I was helping my dad make the mix. It amazed me at how we could take hum drum bottle of V8 and build this monument of complex flavors. To this day, the taste of...
by Bite and Booze on Jul 20, 2016

Barbecue Pork Tenderloin with Southwestern Chile Sauce

If you enjoy the juicy succulence of oven-roasted pork tenderloin, you’ll love the same great taste and texture straight from your backyard grill. My favorite way to barbecue this especially tender cut of pork is over indirect heat for most of the...
by The Briny Lemon on Jul 13, 2016

Jay D's Bites: Sweet Smoked Corn with BBQ Rub Butter

by Blair LoupYou know the feeling when you see a beautiful ear of corn, and you've just got to have it? Local farm-to-table grocery delivery service Indie Plate has produce from farms around the Baton Rouge area that's a feast for the eyes and your b...
by Bite and Booze on Jul 11, 2016

Red, White and 'Cue: A Look Back on Barbecue Bites Past

by Drew BroussardOh barbecue, where do we start? At Bite and Booze, our appreciation for barbecue runs deep. Three of our products were thoughtfully considered and concocted with the beauty of this "low and slow" cooking method in mind. Whether he's...
by Bite and Booze on Jul 1, 2016

Baked Barbecue Pork Chops

Ingredients: 4-6 pieces pork chops a dash of salt and pepper 1 cup barbecue sauce Procedures: Part 1 1. Pound pork chops then season with salt and ground pepper. Set aside. Part 2 1. Preheat oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit.… Continue Reading ...
by Filipino Style Recipe on Jun 28, 2016

Jumong Korean Restaurant- Korean BBQ Place in Makati Open For 24 Hours

There is this Korean neighborhood in Makati where locals and tourists frequent to for some late night bbq. A few distance away from the busy Makati Ave./Kalayaan Ave. is the little Korea of Poblacion, Makati. It is a small neighborhood of Korean groc...
by Itsberyllicious on Jun 27, 2016

Recipe: Watercress and Mushroom Sliders #vegetarian

With the weather taking a turn for the worse, we may be back inside but we can still embrace summer eating.  These yummy mushroom burgers are satisfying enough for meat eaters, but the zingy marinade and watercress add a summery twist, while the...
by Attachment Mummy on Jun 15, 2016

Korean Barbecue Calamares

Ingredients: 500 grams squid, clean and cut into rings 2 cups Korean BBQ Sauce 1 egg, beaten 3/4 cup flour 1 cup breadcrumbs(optional) salt and pepper to taste vegetable oil for frying toasted sesame seeds for garnishing (optional) Procedures: Part&#...
by Filipino Style Recipe on May 15, 2016

Alex III Kitchen Secrets: Spareribs Barbecue!

L26 B14 Chevelle cor.Pontiac Sts., South FairviewPark Subd., Fairview, QCSpareribs Barbecue (P229)...
by Fried Chicken for the Soul. on Apr 23, 2016

Isla Pandan Resto & Bar: Honda Bay Island Hopping Food Stop Puerto Princesa Palawan

During our Honda Bay Island Hopping in Puerto Princesa Palawan, the sun and snorkeling activities got us so hungry so we just had to make a food stop at Isla Pandan Resto & Bar. The set up feels... Read More at
by Tsinoy Foodies on Apr 20, 2016

KPub BBQ: Free Bibimbap Lunch Bowl When You Order One Dish (Food Promos)

I have to admit, I have not tried KPub BBQ before this because I was saving it for more special occasions. Of course, as you know KPub is a grand Korean BBQ place. Each table has a grill. ... Read More at
by Tsinoy Foodies on Apr 19, 2016

Castiga premii Lays, Concurs Lays 2016

Castiga premii Lays, Concurs Lays 2016 Cumpara produsele Lays cu banda promotionala, participante la campanie in perioada 1 aprilie – 31 iulie 2016. In interiorul pungii gasesti un cartonas cu un premiu instant. Atentie: nu toate pungile au cartona...
by blogwiki on Apr 13, 2016

Concurs Lays 1 aprilie - 31 iulie 2016

Concurs Lays 1 aprilie - 31 iulie 2016Campania "Gustul Lay's te cucereste la fiecare meci" se va desfaura incepand cu 1 aprilie 2016 si inceteaza la data de 31 iulie 2016 sau la momentul epuizarii stocurilor promotionale, oricare dintre aceste doua...
by omulverdesarpe on Apr 12, 2016

Gyu-Kaku Japanese Barbecue Restaurant: Yakiniku Dinner (Shangrila East Wing)

Gyu-Kaku Japanese Barbecue Restaurant is a Japanese Yakiniku concept that began in the Japan in 1996 and has now over 650 stores world wide. The interiors were really nice and inviting. After... Read More at
by Tsinoy Foodies on Apr 12, 2016