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91. Pay attention to any changes in the dog’s sleeping habits - Posh Puppy Boutique

A dog will go through various stages of activity and restfulness during the day, spending about 50% of its time in a sleep stage, about 30% in a restful state, and about 20% of its time in an active and fully awake state.

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92. Bully Devotion

Education about the positive aspects of Bullies. To find homes. Training is needed for a happy well balanced Bully. Educate the importance of rules, family and love to have a balance, peaceful, joyful Bully.

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93. Animal Healings Pet Blog

Blog for a healthier, happier and safer pet family from professional animal communicator and Reiki Master practitioners Thom & Jonquil Williams of Animal Healings. <a...

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94. Aquaristic Online

Having a fishy as a pet in office might sometimes seem unusual. Not all of you might consider this always. But then there are a lot of businesses who will actually prefer installing Red Sea Reefer tanks in the office.

95. Home Remedies for Cats and Dogs with Allergies

Home remedies and natural remedies for dogs and cats with allergies, mange, rashes, hot spots, fleas, worms, ticks. Holistic pet care tips and info. Info on the best foods for dogs and cats with allergies and other ailments.

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97. Choose A Reliable, Affordable And Easily Concealed Pet Tracking Device

These devices are routinely implanted in new pets by veterinarians in western countries. It serves to identify the animal when it gets lost. It is injected under the skin, without the use of anesthesia.

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People love to get a dog because dogs are smart animals. Dogs are considered to have a high enough intelligence according to scientific research and field evidence. The level of intelligence of dogs depending on race and each...

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99. Tips Animals

Tips and Care all animal

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100. Jess and Red: Our Equestrian Adventure

I moved to Saskatchewan, Canada from England in 2011. After taking three years off from riding I decided that I needed to get back into it. I have a green broke, quarter horse mare. We are riding English and I hope to compete her.

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101. Know Your Pets Better

The blog is about different breeds of pets and how people should care them.

Tags: Labradoodle, labradoodles Ontario, Australian Labradoodle, Australian labradoodles Ontario

102. RoysFarm

Pets are wonderful for both recreation and for earning some extras. Read a lots of animal, birds and fish raising system. Essential tips and guides for beginners and existing people.

Tags: rabbit, goat, poultry, quail, pigeon

104. stable Matting

Choosing perfect quality stable matting is vital if you are looking for a better flooring option to protect your pets from any viral infection.

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105. Pet Assure – Pet And Dog Insurance | Save This Life

Pets are good companions but they need to be protected from danger as they could run out of the home and get lost. Pet Assure is a dynamic pet recovery service that offers a new approach of protecting pets to be in good health.

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106. Pet Assure - About Pet and Dog Insurance

Pet owners today should consider joining such pet tracking programs which ensure a quick and effective recovery of their lost pet.

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107. SureFlap Blog - What's New Pussycat?

A resource for cat owners everywhere! Cat news, events, fun stuff and info about the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap.

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108. puppies blog

“Puppy” is a lovely name that human calls their beloved dog. People said puppies cannot think and act like human.

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109. Dog Training Home | Dog Types

Guide you about how dog training at home, and Dog types with picture

Tags: Dog Types, Dog Training Home, Dog Breeds, Mixed Breed Dogs, Terrier Dog Breeds

110. Vinny Tobad Black Cat's Diary

I'm a 3 yold black cat, I'm moderately friendly, I was born in Brixton and rescued by RSPCA.

Tags: black cat, black cat awareness, rspca cats, rescue cats

111. Roll Over Rocket

Working like a dog for the compassionate dog owner.

Tags: dog training, soul of a dog, posh puppy, dog clothing, dog accessories

112. Country Inn Kennel and Cattery

Country Inn Kennel and Cattery is a family owned and operated boarding kennel in Chapel Hill where they take care of your lovely pets.

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113. Animal News Sentinel

Animal/Environmental news curated from top quality resources around the world.Contributor to the Care2 News Network C2NN.Up-Dated daily.

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114. Pet Microchip | So a Lost Pet Can Find Their Way Home

New technologies emerging never cease to amaze with new inventions and techniques that aim to improve living. Even the animals are not sidelined with the availability of the pet tracking device that aims to bring home lost pets...

Tags: Pet Tracking Chip, Pet Recovery, Pet Microchip Cost

115. About Microchipping A Pet And Its Importance

New technologies bring new advancements that are useful in many aspects of life. Even pets are a privileged lot today with the availability of pet tracking chip devices and services to be kept safe.

Tags: Pet Tracking Device, Pet Microchips, Dog Microchip Companies

116. Best Pet Microchip | So a Lost Pet Can Find Their Way Home

More and more pet microchip companies are jumping on board with this save this life microchip for pets to alleviate pet owners’ fear of losing their furry mates.

Tags: Pet Tracking Device, Microchip For Cats, Pet Tracking Chip, Best Pet Health Insurance, Dog Microchip Companies

117. Microchipping A Pet And Its Importance

There are currently viable microchips for cats and dogs to ensure a precise tracking of their location or identification in case they get lost from their owners.

Tags: Pet Tracking Chip, Pet Microchip Companies, Dog Microchip Companies, Dog Microchip Companies

118. Animal Bliss

Animal Bliss is a blog about all animals and their welfare. You will find articles on Wildlife & Domestic animals, Big & Small; Furry, Feathery & Scaly; Air, Land & Sea.

Tags: animals, cats and dogs, wildlife, endangered animals, animal welfare

119. The Labradors

How to caring your labradors

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120. Cute and Funny Cat Pictures

Cute cat pictures, funny cat photos and lovely adorable kittens, including LOLcats that can make you laugh.

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