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151. Madraspublishing

Short stories intended to be of a humorous nature.

Tags: Humor, Short stories, Comedy

152. Oy Gavalt!

Follow the hilarious and sometimes insightful adventures of a massively out of shape Husband and Dad of one as he seeks he way to health without losing his sanity.

Tags: yiddish, vitamins, daddy, nutrition 53, fat

153. My world My own way!!!

A blog about meme,teenage life and everything in between. Welcome to my world. A round world with ends.

Tags: teen, humor, meme, school, pune

154. 101morningquotes

This blog is all about Quotes we use in our daily life.

Tags: good morning quotes

155. Sh*t Edinburgh

Edinburgh Scotland

Tags: Edinburgh, Photo, Scotland, Dogs, Dogging

156. Bishots

Platform for funny and creative shots.

Tags: funny photos, humor, lolz, creative pictures, fun

157. Geezer Planet

Welcome to Geezer Planet. A humorous look at life in the slow lane. The perfect landing spot for baby boomers and beyond.

Tags: humor, funny, photos, jokes

158. Alphanumeric Sheep Pig

It has surprisingly little to do with farm animals, and a lot to do with everything else. Math pops up far too much for my liking though.

Tags: math, problems, incompetence, minecraft, sun

159. Requiem of Urbanity

Observational humor about society at large.

Tags: humor, politics, pop, culuture, fail

160. 2013 Free Love Horoscopes-2013 Love Life-2013 Love Compatibility

Free Love Horoscopes 2013-Love Compatibility 2013-Chinese Love Horoscopes 2013-Sex Horoscopes 2013-Dating Horoscopes 2013-Marriage Horoscopes 2013-Romantic Tips 2013

Tags: lovehoroscopes2013, freecareerhoroscopes2013, freelovetips2013, lovecompatibility2013, 2013horoscopes

161. Funny, Comedy, Amazing Video Clips >>

A Collaboration of Funny Videos, Comedy Video Clips, Movie Trailer, Game Trailer Found on the Web.

Tags: funny video, Comedy Vidoes, hilarious videos, amazing videos, trailer videos

162. Ali Akgun | Great Footballer, Human Being and Business Man

Ali Akgun, a genuine human being, business man, family care-taker and also a great football lover. Even after getting famous and rich, he was altogether very down to earth as a person. Read more about Ali's life story on...

Tags: Akgun Ali, Ali Akgun, Ali

163. Experiences of a black sheep

Funny posts about life, love and my experiences. Also features regular beauty and fashion posts!

164. Almost Engineer

Dilliwala Bhopali from Bihar. Virgin by chance, stupid by choice Manufactured in Bihar in july 1991, machined in Bhopal and being programmed in Delhi. Mostly found on Twitter, facebook and blogspot.

Tags: One, twittter

165. Just Gag

Funny place for funniest things

Tags: Funny, fun pic, funny cat, fun video


Regular events of our daily life. Intended for Indian readers but anyone can read it for fun.

Tags: potholes, power cuts, indian politics, anna hazare, small town

169. The UnOfficial Version

A collection of posts some humorous, some sad and some outright cynical. A not so serious look at life as seen from my eyes....

Tags: humor, humour, life, small comic paragraphs, best humor blog


This dyed in the wool Geordie carries fond memories from the grimy back streets of 1960`s Tyneside into today`s fabulous Derbyshire Peak District.

Tags: humour, funny, nostalgia, witty, flippant

171. A Day in a Life (maybe)

January gives a thought provoking cynical view on life, love, and the human condition (that was good ad-copy there). For cheap points think of it as Sex and the City meets Entourage with a little Californication.

Tags: Relationships, Writing, Fun, Social

172. HEXSA

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Tags: movie, game, kesehatan, info aneh dan unik, software

173. Jimbo's pictures

All the best pictures,jokes,and funny stuff All in one place

Tags: Funny pictures, Funny images, Funny jokes, Funny quotes, jimbos pictures

174. mothersdaysms

Latest mothers day messages,sms, Quotes,greetings,e-cards on Mothers day to wish your mother on Happy mothers day 2014

Tags: Mothers day messages, mothers day quotes, mothers day poems, mothers day messages in spanish, mothers day messages in french

175. Gus Muldoon, Demotivational Speaker

You don't need a hug, you need a good swift kick in the behind.

Tags: funny, ornery, cranky, advice

176. OMG That Sucks!

When it goes wrong, it ends up here.

Tags: Humor, Funny, Fail, People, Sports

177. News with Candy

The daily news served with humor and satire. Political comedy site.

Tags: humor, comedy, satire, news, politics

178. Mother, Wife, Woman, Whatever

Random musings of a middle-aged (when did that even happen) mom

Tags: funny, mom, woman, humor, mother